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PowerGate programmers are well-versed in both front-end and back-end JavaScript development applying the most efficient JavaScript development frameworks and libraries to build interactive and functional web applications.

Javascript Front-end web & server development

Javascript Front-end web & server development

We specialize in full-cycle web development using JavaScript. Over the years, PowerGate has built profound expertise in JavaScript development applying it in most of the projects we deliver. Our experienced JavaScript developers use this technology to create robust and cost-effective web and server applications, responsive websites. We employ the best coding practices and proven capabilities of this universal technology to engineer scalable, resilient, accurate, and secure software solutions for our clients across the globe.

•   Frameworks: Angular, React, Redux, NodeJS, Express and also: Vue.js, Ember.js, Prototype, AJAX/JSON…,

Cross Platforms Javascript Mobile App Development

With the power of the IONIC framework, Cordova, HTML5, we build speedy Mobile apps that load instantly on any mobile device, even without an internet connection. Native and web optimized, performance excellent & fully cross-platform mobile apps will be delivered to you. Let’s get hybrid mobile application development services from our dedicated Ionic teams.

Javascript Cross-platforms Mobile App development

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Why Javascript

Enhanced Interactivity and Dunctionality of Apps Used with Javascript

Enhanced interactivity and functionality of apps

JavaScript is used to make web applications more dynamic and functional thus enhancing the user experience of your product. It has a variety of front-end and back-end development frameworks which speed up development and time to market.

Multifunctional Technology with Good Speed Used with Javascript

Multifunctional technology with good speed

JavaScript’s functionality enables both client-side and server-side programming, which allows to create maintainable products. It has unrivalled functionality with a wide range of frameworks, libraries, plugins, and other tools that ensure continued support.

Interoperability and Excellent Browser Support Used with Javascript

Interoperability and excellent browser support

JavaScript is compatible with most server-side technologies such as Java, Ruby, Python, PHP etc. In addition, it is supported by all modern web browsers, which increases the functionality of web pages and saves valuable development time.

Huge Community of Developers Used with Javascript

Huge community of developers

JavaScript is supported by a large community of developers who contribute to the development of this technology. It is also the most popular programming language across the world powering millions of web applications.

We Work With

Node.JS is one of the most powerful and popular JavaScript frameworks used for building server-side components of web applications. N-iX programmers are experienced in Node.JS development, applying this versatile technology on multiple projects such as Lebara, CureForward, Schibsted etc.

N-iX developers create functional real-time web applications using Meteor JS. We also employ this full-stack Javascript framework to develop responsive mobile apps compatible with various platforms and ecosystems.

Created and supported by Google, Angular.JS framework offers programmers modern development features and a solid ground for building functional and beautiful websites. N-iX developers have applied Angular on multiple projects including SCHAD, ThinkResearch, Vable, Manodo etc.

Maintained by Facebook, React ensures seamless front-end development with such benefits as server-side rendering, real-time updates, excellent code efficiency and maintainability.

Backbone JavaScript framework allows programmers to create scalable applications thanks to event-driven communication between views and models. It is easily synchronized with back-end and ensures the best code maintainability. N-iX developers use this technology on such projects as SCHAD, HotSchedules etc.

JavaScript programmers at N-iX use Knockout to develop dynamic user interfaces. This framework offers such advantages as MVVM application design architecture, two-way data binding mechanism, dependency tracking, built-in templating, simple syntax etc.

Ember framework is best applied for building complex client-side web applications at the same time eliminating many development pitfalls. In addition, its advanced feature allow you to achieve the highest developer productivity.

JQuery is apparently the most widely used JavaScript framework that offers wide functionality to front-end developers. Its highly useful widgets, plugins, simple syntax, and comprehensive documentation considerably speed up development. N-iX programmers use this powerful framework practically on every project.

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