PowerGate delivers cloud-based solutions development to global enterprises and well-funded startups. Our dedicated development teams build secure, scalable cloud infrastructures, data science applications in the cloud, and more

If you would like to read more information about “what is cloud-based development“, we have created a detailed article explaining the different types of cloud based development and what the advantages, disadvantages are for each.

Why Cloud-based Solution Development?

Accessibility used with Cloud Solution


Cloud-based products and services are accessible from any location and on any device. Be it PC, Mac, or Mobile, the user can seamlessly connect to a distributed cloud infrastructure with no latency and from anywhere in the world.

Scalability used with Cloud Solution


Cloud solutions are incredibly responsive to workload surges, which allows scaling resources almost instantly. Organizations can promptly scale up their performance capacity to match rising loads and then scale down when the peak times are over.

Faster time to market used with Cloud Solution

Faster time to market

With cloud computing, there is no need to build and maintain a platform for your code. Cloud infrastructure dramatically reduces time to market for new apps and features. You can also deliver software updates to end users more frequently and with less hassle.

Security used with Cloud Solution


It is often more secure to deploy cloud infrastructure rather than keep your data and applications on-premise. Cloud service providers use high-end systems to protect sensitive data. They also assign dedicated resources to solve any information security issues.

Our focus areas

Explore our expertise with Cloud-based Solution Development

Cloud software development lifecycle

Cloud software development lifecycle

PowerGate teams have vast experience with every stage of the cloud development lifecycle. We will guide you through the specifications process, design, licensing, migration, the transition to the cloud infrastructure, maintenance, and support. Our software architects design highly-available cloud systems to make sure applications remain operational in spite of any possible infrastructure issues.

Delivering secure and scalable cloud solutions

Cloud computing is changing the landscape of the whole industries. Dedicated development teams at PowerGate software have been implementing scalable cloud-based solutions for Fintech, Healthcare, Media, and other sectors. We build secure software infrastructures with the most advanced platforms currently available, such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.

Delivering secure and scalable cloud solutions
Building microservices architectures

Building microservices architectures

PowerGate teams build efficient cloud applications and secure microservices architectures. We help businesses safely transition to the cloud and enable client teams to become more flexible and agile. Our developers cooperated with many companies to refactor their legacy platforms to more efficient microservices.

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