Our Java Application Development Services

PowerGate provides professional offshore Java programming and custom development which includes J2SE, J2EE and J2ME platforms. Our extensive offshore development experience provides a combination of strong technical background and knowledge of business domains. The analytical talents of our consultants and programmers allow us the capability of addressing the most difficult programming tasks.

Java Application Development

Advantages of hiring PowerGate Java Developers

You can hire Java developers for all fields of Java development

Savings up to 70% of the cost incurred

No start up or maintenance costs

Remote management of your project according to your convenience

A favorable & secure development environment

Stay connected with the developer through email and chat IM for regular updates & daily/weekly reporting

You get full access to source code & re-selling rights to third parties

The experience and skills of our senior java developers is 5+ years of experience and Java/JSP developers with 3- 4 years of experience with excellent communication and documentation skills.

Their certification includes:

Suites and languages: J2SE, JEE, AWT, Swing, JSP, Servlets, Applets, XML, and RSS

Tools: Jdeveloper, NetBeans, Eclipse, IntelliJ, Toad for MySQL, Toad for Oracle, Rational Rose, and Microsoft Visio

Architectures and Frameworks: MVC/ MVC2, Struts, Hibernate, Tiles, Lucene, Dojo, DWR, Oracle, and BC4J

Database: MS SQL Server, Oracle 9i, 10g, MySQL, Subase, and Posrge

Testing: Junit, and Cactus

Servers: Apache Tomcat, Apache web server, Bea Weblogic, Oracle Application Server, IBM Websphere, and Resin

Reporting: Oracle Report Builder, Jasper Reports, Birt reports, and HTML Reports

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Remove your internal heavy cost with our product maintenance, QA, and DevOps teams

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