Custom HRM Software Development

We at PowerGate recognize that employee performance is critical since HR managers need to know whether employees are comfortable, how efficient they are at their jobs, and so on. Furthermore, HR managers deal with a lot of paperwork, making it tough to accomplish many duties while memorizing too much information. Custom HRM Software (HRMS) at PowerGate can be just the right answer for HR managers who need to significantly improve your working processes.

Why do you need an HRM system?

Effective Cost Management

Labor costs are the almost the second-largest expense. PowerGate Custom HRM systems can help utilize cost planning and optimization.

Legal Compliance

At international companies, regulating employees and employers can be very complicated. PowerGate Custom HRM solutions enable users to resolve complex difficulties, develop flexible payroll systems, and manage the flow of personnel documents.

Automate Business Processes

Many HR business operations, such as personnel solutions, employee records, payrolling, and the development of motivation programs, can be handled automatically by PowerGate Custom HRM solutions. HR managers can also provide employees direct access to the information needed, which improves efficiency and prevents human errors.

Human Capital Improvement

Employees' career path and skill growth is important to keep your best employees in the company. PowerGate Custom HRM solutions help you to develop great incentive programs and motivational schemes.

What our Custom HRM Software Development can offer you

Recruitment Management

We helps you automate all recruiting tasks from background checks, managing CVs and posting on specialized job portals, administering important document, and so on.

Employee Management

Our Employee Management system is designed to centralize your customized database, creating dashboard, performance evaluation, awards and certifications of the employees.  Also it provides you with 360-degree feedback systems which help you easily to get a full picture of an employee’s performance.

Payroll & Benefit Management

Free your HR team from time consuming and complicated payroll work, tax payment, paid time off and sick leaves with our custom HRM solution.

Time & Attendance Tracking Management

With our Time & Attendance Tracking management, you can keep track of employees’ daily attendance as well as their leave requests. This software includes functions like booking, tracking, and approving any leave form that can be managed.

Centralized HR Data

All of the employees’ data is centralized in an interactive database, making it very easy for organizations to retrieve information. One modification in one document will be reflected in all of the system. This ensures that the data is constantly up-to-date.


This feature will provide HR managers with precise statistics and analytical data for each employee’s performance. As a result, the HR team will no longer need to use a separate software to evaluate data and generate statistics.

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