Our PHP Web Application Development Services

The open source based products and tools are regularly studied, used, implemented and deployed by PowerGate. PowerGate has developed solutions like Community sites, CMS, e-Commerce applications and custom web applications based on PHP and MySQL.

What makes PowerGate extremely confident with PHP projects is their strong competency and knowledge in PHP programming accompanied by the ability to adapt to well-known frameworks such as Laravel, Zend, CakePHP, Symfony, CodeIgniter… to build your extensible applications. Especially, our PHP developers that are very familiar with Jquery and Angular, React as a client-side scripting, equipping your application ability to refresh data without reloading the web pages.

Advantages of hiring PowerGate PHP Developers

Every member of our team is highly qualified and skilled. Collectively we have several decades’ worth of experience in the PHP development platform

International quality solutions at reduced costs

Our developers ensure that all coding is done according to the international standards

We encourage our clients to interview our employees and hire dedicated teams according to their requirements

We take client privacy seriously and for this reason all our employees are under non-disclosure agreements

Project managers and dedicated teams ensures high quality development in a given time period

Enterprise Management Software Used With PHP Development

PHP Enterprise Management Software

We create enterprise management software in PHP, any possible corporate programs for business management as well as CRM, HRM, ERP systems., applying such tools as:

•   Frameworks: Zend, Symfony, Yii, CodeIgniter, Laravel, and CakePHP
•   Front-end: HTML/CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Angular, Vue.js, React, Ember.js, Redux, Prototype, AJAX/JSON
•   Databases: MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, SQLite, NoSQL, MongoDB, Redis, and Redshift
•   Web servers: Apache, NGINX

PHP Server and Back-end parts

With fast development tools, frameworks and the proven history in handling complicated systems, PHP is often used for creating custom backend applications or server APIs for mobile apps, web applications, portals… PowerGate has used a lot of PHP for building many scalable applications, including big CRM, ERP systems.

•   Frameworks: Zend, Symfony, Yii, CodeIgniter, Laravel, and CakePHP
•   IDE: PhpStorm, Eclipse, NetBeans
•   Databases: MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, SQLite, NoSQL, MongoDB, Redis, and Redshift
•   Web servers: Apache, NGINX

Server and Back-end parts Used With PHP Development

ECommerce Used With PHP Development

PHP Ecommerce

PHP is one of the most popular web languages used on the Internet. Since it’s also one of the oldest web languages, it offers many effective ways to build an awesome eCommerce experience.
Platform: osCommerce, Zen Cart, Magento, PrestaShop, OpenCart, Drupal

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Time Savings Used With PHP Development

Time savings

Being an open source scripting language, PHP has access to various libraries and extensions. Moreover, by modifying the source code , additional custom created extensions and components can be created.

Speed Used With PHP Development


Specially designed to work with websites, PHP has some build-in features that enables developers to create website much faster.

Security and Stability Used With PHP Development

Security and Stability

PHP offers several levels of security and helps to prevent from attacks. In addition, PHP is very stable and bugs can be fixed quickly.

We Work With

Laravel framework is designed to ease the development process of your application: authentication, routing, sessions and caching. This framework has effective ORM and database layer.

Symfony is a full-stack framework that has a huge amount of configuration overhead together with great code generation. Using this framework, developers are able toplugin about any database manager.

CakePHP framework is intended to make the development process hassle-free. The framework uses unique MVC pattern that helps to separate the logic from the presentation, which is very useful for large websites.

Yii framework is great for building layered structured websites. The framework has embedded authentication functionality and RBAC (Role Based Access Control) authorization helping to simplify the development process.

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