Custom AI Chatbot Development

Chatbots are being used by more enterprises than ever before. In 2019, the market was worth $2.6 billion, and by 2024, it is predicted to be worth $9.4 billion.
In PowerGate, we have expertise in providing custom chatbots for a variety of industries, including Education, Ecommerce, Healthcare, Finance, Travel & Hospitality, Banking, and many more. Our experts with many years of experience believe that we can offer you the best AI technology for your custom needs along with the best price to suit your budget.

Benefits of Custom AI Chatbot to your business

Reduce Operational Costs

Saving 30% of your customer support cost is like never that easy. Having employees handle repetitive Q&A’s are no longer cost effective. Our chatbot solution can automatically filter potential clients into categories by simply asking questions in a natural, conversational approach. It can filter down which prospects are a good fit for your services. Alternatively, It could distinguish customers who appear to be more willing to buy your products than others.

Personalize Customer Support

Personalization can make the most of the opportunity to create a memorable, engaging experience for your users. When it comes to creating a chatbot for your business, there's a lot of potential for creativity. Our chatbot can include videos, quizzes, and trivia. It can answer FAQs, provide step-by-step troubleshooting, and automate sales also, take the chance to bring the greatest personalized customer service ever.

24/7 Support

Modern people don’t like wasting their time waiting for assistance, Chatbots are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide consumers with unlimited solutions; because they are fewer prone to errors, they can assist in the development of a better brand by delivering excellent customer service.


Businesses may quickly overcome language barriers and extend their user base across demographics by localizing chatbots. A bot that can converse in the user's native language in a personable, nuanced, and culturally appropriate manner can quickly collect leads and increase conversions.

Insightful Data Collection

Chatbot development allows you to acquire insightful data such as location, gender, and preferences, as well as make informed decisions about how to serve them. We've also improved bot effectiveness with advanced analytics and conversation metrics that help you understand user behavior, intent, trends, and engagement better.

Save time

Do you know a well builded chatbot can answer up to 80% of routine questions? Your staff will no longer spend countless hours responding to messages from prospects and customers. So they can have more time to focus on other tasks.

Our expertise with Custom AI Chatbot Development Services

Voice Bots

Alexa and Siri is the most popular one for this type of chatbot. Also, you can see it in Tesla automatic car. This type of chatbot, typically build with machine learning, allows users to interact with it by using their voice to give commands and ask questions.

Social Messaging Bots

To increase click-through rates and client reach, you can connect these bots to Facebook Messenger. To engage with potential customers, similar bots can be found on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram also.

Online Chatbots

To provide customers with appropriate information and response to queries, Online chatbots may be powered by artificial intelligence or a set of rules. Website users are guided by online chatbots that are embedded in web pages.

Interactive Voice Response Bots

This is an interactive phone system that can be used to direct calls to the appropriate agents in call centers. In some circumstances, IVR bots can also assist users with self-service operations like as money transfers and account verification.

Conversation Bots

Writing, task modules, and interactive cards are used in this sort of bot creation to simulate conversational interactions. These bots can handle from relatively simple interactions to an artificial intelligence complicated conversation, all depending on your custom needs.

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