Custom Help Desk Software Development

A helpdesk, also known as a service desk, is a single point of contact for a company’s internal and external requests, providing centralized information and support management services. By automating the complaint resolution process with the ticket management system, PowerGate Custom Help Desk Software allows businesses to resolve customer complaints faster and more efficiently in order to bring awesome customer service and ensure that business suffer no downtime.

The Benefit of the Custom Help Desk Software

Streamline Business Operation

Our Help Desk solution streamlines the operation to fulfill customer demands and, when necessary, prioritize particular actions. Providing clear graphs and data points to the supervisor so that they may successfully monitor the contact center's operation. The supervisor has an overview perspective of the operations and can make informed judgments based on the data.

Better Collaboration

In the help desk service communication isn't always enough to ensure success. Instead, coworkers must be able to work together smoothly to move projects between users, coordinate change management, and support other critical areas of operations. Our helpdesk solution is built around email, sharepoint and other tools to help you handle the in-project ticketing and process integration required for service desk efficiency.

Increase Productivity

Without a centralized solution in place, busy organizations that generate and receive numerous daily help desk requests are certain to lose track of tickets from time to time. Our Custom Help Desk Software allows agents to focus on more complicated and essential requests by automating and prioritizing repetitive operations and requests. Also avoid duplicate effort spent on the same request by multiple agents.

Better Customer Experience

PowerGate Custom Help Desk Software ensures your customers receive a user friendly interface with a personalized ticketing experience. From being able to design the look and feel of the self-service portals to delivering a personalized experience based on the role and location of the end user, Help desk customizations help IT teams deliver a better experience to the end users.

What our Custom Help Desk Software Service can offer you

Outstanding Ticket Management and Tracking

Our customized Ticket Management helps the customer support team keep organized even if the ticket volume gets high. Automatically sorting, prioritizing, assigning, and tracking customer issues helps teams save time and enhance individual performance, service level achievement, and customer satisfaction and feedback.

Knowledge Management

Our Knowledge management feature gives critical information to help desk people – as well as automated systems – boosting the likelihood of making the right decision quickly by ensuring that the relevant information is available at the right time. A customer-centric organization’s knowledge management is one of its most valuable assets. It contains data on best practices as well as other operational activities. Knowledge management enables an uniform and correct message to be delivered across all engagement channels.

Digital and Social Media Engagement Management

We provide the capability to allow the organizations to go beyond tracking the social media mentions and actually engage with the customers. Social analytics for customer support, social media interaction, and internal community are our valuable functions. All of this allows customers to evaluate and review services while also assisting businesses in monitoring and responding to customers on social media.

Mobile Support

Smartphones have surpassed desktops in terms of popularity. Organizations today require customer service solutions that improve self-service and the customer experience. To provide consumers with the most convenience, our help desk mobile service can be delivered in a variety of ways, including a mobile browser, mobile web, and mobile app.


Reporting on the help desk provides information on how the team’s systems and priorities are performing. Customer service teams can use our reporting system to optimize the work, reward, and make educated decisions about team priorities and personnel. Dashboards are commonly used to inform management about ticket resolution time, customer happiness, productivity, customer experience, and other metrics to find the best way to get the job done.

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