Quality Management at PowerGate

Quality is always placed as the greatest importance and first priority at PowerGate. In order to ensure the successful accomplishment of projects, we at PowerGate share the motto that “Success is a journey and not a destination,” which means improvement of quality process is infinite, and marked only by milestones, never by completion. Software Quality Management thus, has the final and decisive say on the success or failure of any software project.


Committed to bringing the premium and most satisfactory services to clients, PowerGate maintains a strict, rigorous and comprehensive software quality assurance program through suitable policies, clear and standardized processes, and thorough testing.  This is all performed by well-trained, highly-skilled and professional QA employees.




To ensure the smooth operations of projects, PowerGate has set forth a number of polices, namely the software development regulations, project management regulation, and principles regarding communication, and project documentation.  These act as the top guidelines in all development stages from initiation to execution to closing. We also design and provide special training courses to QA employees for the best software quality management.




Together with these polices, our software quality management is also assured by a standard development process. Our process follows complete PDCA guidelines (Plan-Do-Check-Act) to make sure that every single thing is well-planned and implemented. For comprehensive quality assurance, the processes applied at PowerGate covers thorough project phases from requirements taken, requirements analysis, design, implementation, testing and delivery.




The development team, along with employees from the client participate in daily Scrums (or status meetings) to ensure that there is daily communication between everyone involved in the project.


Continuous Integration


In addition to the initial ramp-ups, we encourage for some of our developers to work onsite with the customer during critical times such as intense design sessions or the lead-up to an important code freeze. We are also in favor of having some of our client’s developer’s work out of our office for short periods of time. These continuous inter-office exchanges are essential for long-term projects with mixed development.


Project & Relationship Management


A native, English-speaking engagement manager is assigned to the project who is there to oversee the entire engagement and provide high-level status and updates to clients who are not engaged with the project on a daily basis.




The entire team communicates throughout the day via Skype, phone and other communication technologies.