Social Networks & Messengers Development

Social networking is the practice of expanding the number of business and social contacts by making connections through individuals. It has grown the largest and most influential component on the Internet. In this modern time, everyone uses it and understand it easily on the web and mobile apps. It is the most popular platform in this modern era, to helps businesses to grow and engage their customers online. Our 100+ In-House Expert Developers Have Specialization in Creating Convenient Social Networking Sites and Apps To Help You Go Social.

Frontend Development

We build custom interactive social networking applications: the users can like, comment, and share posts, make reviews, rate etc. The users can create groups and communities to connect with each other, appoint events and meetings, easily communicate via online chats and group conversations, send invites to their friends, get suggestions on new connections, search for people using different filters etc. Our applications can also include voice or video messaging and other value-added functionality you need.

Our professional development team creates profile-centric apps, using third party APIs such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc. The users of your social networking application will have an opportunity to enrich their profiles by having a possibility to set a profile photo, choose an effect for it, change background colors, add links and other information about themselves and create attractive design.

We develop social networking applications that are highly engaging. The users will stay motivated to get back to your application.

Backend Development

Our experienced web developers build high-performance and secure social networking applications and always aim at accelerating the process of development, using the following technologies: NodeJS or PHP frameworks or .NET. We choose MySQL, PostgreSQL… and other databases to support a great variety of different relationships within your social networking application. Our development team pays particular attention to the development of an admin panel that lets you effectively manage your web application and get integrated analytics on your users’ behavior.

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