An Augmented Reality Innovative Exhibition Mobile App For The Hong Kong Market

This exhibition mobile application revolutionizes visiting exhibitions and museums. It has been meticulously tailored to cater to individuals actively participating in exhibitions.

The client approached us with a vision to revolutionize the experience of visiting museums and exhibitions. This unique platform is a result of that vision. It stands out as a remarkable breakthrough in the industry by providing visitors with an innovative tool. When using the AR camera feature, users can effortlessly scan exhibits, and in return, the app offers a wealth of detailed information through its various functions.

With this application, users can embark on an exploration of exhibitions that are significantly more immersive and interactive. By simply pointing their devices at exhibits or designated markers, they gain access to a treasure trove of additional content. This includes 3D models, videos, and interactive elements that enhance their understanding and engagement with the displayed content. In essence, the AR exhibition mobile app introduces a fresh and captivating way for users to interact with exhibitions, rendering the experience more dynamic, educational, and entertaining.


November 16, 2023


Augmented Reality, React Native, Social Networks