A Powerful Digital Factory Model To Calculate Cost & Optimize Production Processes

This cutting-edge digital factory model facilitates the calculation and estimation of costs associated with critical aspects of factory operations, including materials, resources, and more. It aims to revolutionize cost analysis while enabling insightful assessments of cost, loss, profit, and future enhancements.

Our client faced challenges due to limited IT resources, which hindered their ability to promptly address issues that arose during product development, such as bug fixes and the integration of complex calculation formulas into the system. This is where PowerGate stepped in. In just two weeks, we comprehensively understood this intricate system, giving us the confidence to tackle all the challenging issues at hand. We designed and developed a web-based tool customized to the client’s Profit and Loss (P&L) structure, presented in a simple and transparent manner to illustrate the interconnection between costs and losses, as well as identify areas for improvement and key areas of focus. The existing application now boasts significantly improved stability, with the number of stable sessions increasing from 60% to 90%.


November 15, 2023


.Net, Angular, AWS, Web Application Development