Education & eLearning Development and Customization

Industry experts cite cost reduction, universal availability, greater flexibility and improved information retention among the top reasons why organizations are increasingly preferring eLearning to the conventional teaching methods. PowerGate has been building and customizing eLearning solutions for over a decade and delivered some edtech projects to companies, educational institutions and startups around the world.

Education sector used with Education Software & Edtech Software

Education sector

A program or a course stay useful as long as they are relevant and accessible to learners. PowerGate helps forward-thinking educators to be on the ball at all times and apply the latest edtech to invigorate the educational process while staying in line with the institution’s policies and requirements.

Corporate sector

In the corporate environment, the scale and range of employee groups in need of continuous training and certification pose serious challenges for eLearning strategists. PowerGate delivers secure, enterprise-grade knowledge portals that enable employers to streamline staff onboarding and keep their workforce motivated.

Corporate sector used with Education Software & Edtech Software

Non-profit sector used with Education Software & Edtech Software

Non-profit sector

Stringent accountability, high employee turnover, punishing deadlines — these are just some of the issues that non-profit organizations have to handle daily. PowerGate partners with NPOs to implement innovative eLearning solutions that enable consistent training for employees, boost volunteer engagement, and drive down overall training costs.

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