A Blockchain-Powered Social Network Platform For Educational Institutions & Families In AU

PowerGate’s team was tasked with finding an innovative solution to address our client’s challenging requirements while staying on budget and meeting deadlines. The answer was to create a social networking web application to facilitate communication between educational institutions, families, and schools. We envisioned a platform that was simple and straightforward but also contained some powerful features to make sure each user own a wallet on Ethereum, enable educators to create NFT achievements, activate the ability to verify achievement on Ethereum and allow users to view and track student achievements.

Using the website, families can upload their children’s accomplishments as NFT and have them validated by schools or learning facilities in addition to communication options. In the first month of publication, the system was accessed and registered by 100 schools and trusted by 3000 families and students in Australia.


November 7, 2022


Education & Edtech, NodeJS, Social Networks