Custom ERP Software Development

Enterprise Resource Planning are software systems that prove to be of great help in operations planning, administration and to optimize internal business processes, comprising manufacturing, supply chain, financials, customer relationship management, human resources as well as warehouse management. Powergate has a proven track record in implementing and integrating various ERP solutions for companies of all sizes worldwide.

Why is ERP Software crucial for your business?

Improve Process Efficiency

An ERP platform eliminates repetitive processes and greatly reduces the need to manually enter information, which not only improves user productivity, but it eliminates the possibility of inaccurate data which could lead to making costly business mistakes. Think of ERP as an extra hand and brain, designed to keep businesses on track, noticing every detail and making work life easier and more efficient, from software users down to its customers.

Customer Service

Our ERP solution integrates with CRM, which is designed to strengthen the relationship between a organization and its customers.

Department Collaboration

Our ERP systems blurs the barriers between departments, bringing them all together into a single system. There's no longer any need to keep track of many databases for each unit. All of your information may be saved in one location and accessed at any time.

Reduced Operating Costs

Yes reduced operating costs are among the most immediate benefits of implementing an ERP, such as lower inventory control costs, lower production costs, and lower marketing costs.


Data security is critical, especially in a large company. Different access privileges can be assigned to different sorts of users in an ERP system. This enhances data accuracy and consistency while also reducing the risk of data leakage.

Scalable Resource

Did you know? Structured ERP systems allow the addition of new users and functions to grow the initially implemented solution over time. No matter how big or small your business is ERP grows with it, being able to occupancy new users and new rounds of data whenever your business is ready to expand.

Regulatory Compliance

A benefit of ERP software that is often overlooked is how effectively it integrates with regulatory compliance in the manufacturing business. Powerful ERP platforms are built to keep track of industry requirements and track changes in compliance. This enables users and organizations to stay up to date on different government laws, regulations, guidelines, and specifications relating to business processes.

Comprehensive Reporting

With our custom ERP development services, every system user can easily create customized reports. As a result, you'll be able to access and analyze data more quickly than ever before, allowing you to make more timely business decisions.

Our Incomparable ERP Development Services can offer you

Supply Chain Management

We understand how crucial supply chain functions are for your growth. Keeping this in mind, we build solutions that will help you manage shipping, logistics, tracking, invoices, and manage other real-time data.

Inventory Management Solution

PowerGate provides its customers with inventory management solutions that help businesses to manage all their finances, logistics, operations, and inventory in one place. We create web, mobile and cross-platform apps for tracking inventory through RFID and barcode/QR code

Accounting and Finance Management

Our Accounting and Billing software comes loaded with features including multi-currency and multi-country support, powerful accounting with tax calculations, company’s chart of accounts and cost centers, etc.

We help you generate reports for all company’s sales, quotations, support requests, newsletter as well as management and communication with both existing and potential customers.

Human Resource Management

Human resources are the most significant nowadays with it being the most vital business asset and it’s required by all professional business units. The ERP solutions we offer consist of human capital management, which allows the management of your workforce with more precision.

Warehouse Management Solution

PowerGate warehouse management system is scalable and adaptable to help you adjust your operations as your needs change. The solution reduces inefficiencies, increases order accuracy, and improves inventory management, all while remaining simple to use and easy to adopt.

Point of Sale Solution (POS)

It has been long recognized that no one Point of Sale solution can fit every business out there. This is why PowerGate offers a wide range of solutions. Our expertise in this wide range of products gives our team the insight to confidently select a solution for your business. Our consultants base their recommendation on your business’ unique requirements and work with our development team to bring you a solution best fitted to your business.

Document Management Systems

We have enormous experience in creating custom Document Management Systems (DMS) that help to organize document workflow, manage tasks, and track documentation status. PowerGate development team also creates mobile document management software that could be utilized by small, medium, and large enterprises.

Manufacturing Management System

Today, ERP systems typically have a production management or manufacturing execution system (MES). Our manufacturing module assists companies in planning production and ensuring that they have all they require for scheduled production runs, such as raw materials and machinery capacity. It can update the status of goods-in-progress and assist organizations in tracking actual output against predicted output during the manufacturing process.

Document Management Systems

From reception to delivery, our order management module keeps track of orders. After clients submit orders, this component of the ERP sends them to the warehouse, distribution center, or retail store, where they are processed, fulfilled, and dispatched to the customer. The order management module prevents orders from going missing and increases on-time delivery rates, keeping customers satisfied and reducing expedited shipping costs.

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