Healthcare Software Development Services

PowerGate’s software custom development allow healthcare institutions and healthcare startups to create comprehensive cross-platform solutions that ensure positive patient and doctors experiences and streamlined workflows. We provide caregivers with task-driven solutions that enhance diagnostics and treatment, improve medical workflows, engage patients, and tackle day-to-day challenges on the way to value-based care…

Custom Healthcare Software Development

Custom Healthcare Development

When it comes to medical software development, we go beyond the lines of code to grasp the user needs and come up with a value-driven solution. Be it doctors or patients, we get to the bottom of every stakeholder’s need and tailor solutions to how they think and behave.

Integration With Third-party Systems

The PowerGate team will help you get your application connected to whatever data you need, as our comprehensive implementation of network architecture development and data migration services include integration with EMRs, HIEs, Hospitals, and PACS.

Healthcare Software Integration With Third-party Systems

Healthcare Software Security and Compliance

Security and Compliance

We are serious about regulatory requirements such as HIPAA and PHIPA. Our team strives to protect and prevent the misuse of your users’ data, leveraging the latest tools for data encryption, regular backups and unauthorized access prevention.

Medical data analytics

Our team analyzes a huge amount of medical data and puts your application into context to deliberately plan the workflow and predict what will work best for you, thus, avoiding overruns and reworks.

Healthcare Software Medical data analytics

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