A Cutting-Edge Fitness Management System Designed To Empower Clients And Optimize Operational Efficiency

PowerGate collaborated closely with a leading fitness studio in Hongkong and Japan to develop feature-rich Fitness systems, enabling our partner to effectively serve over 100.000+ users; attract, retain, and manage clients 5x the size effectively as before.

Our client faced challenges of lacking custom functions, reporting features, and had high fees due to the MindBody cloud-based management system. This resulted in manual data downloads and analysis using Excel. Getting down to work, PowerGate effectively addressed issues by customizing the system to align with your unique business requirements and integrating actual user behavior across multiple platforms. We focused on key features to deliver an MVP version successfully, guaranteeing smooth and secure management of sensitive data. Additionally, the integrated applications provided easy access to products and services, and simplified booking of gym or yoga classes. The back-office system streamlined club services, while a dedicated iPad app improved staff efficiency, ensuring uninterrupted business operations.


May 23, 2024


AWS, Healthcare, Mobile App Development, NodeJS, PostgreSQL, React JS, React Native, Rest API