An Innovative Application to Manage Jockeys and Racehorses In Australia

PowerGate Software proudly partnered with a client – an Australian startup based to develop the leading platform-changing tool designed for jockeys, trainers, and jockey managers within the horse racing industry. This innovative application streamlines organization enhances efficiency, and fosters improved communication, ultimately leading to enhanced performance on the track. Moreover, it also stands as an essential asset for all stakeholders in the competitive world of horse racing.

Our team at PowerGate Software was instrumental in transforming our partner’s concept into well-defined product requirements. We provided crucial workflow recommendations and leveraged our product development expertise to guide them confidently through new territory. Our collaborative approach and deep industry knowledge culminated in the successful delivery of an app that exceeded expectations. Tailored for Australian jockey trainers and managers, this innovative application is set to revolutionize the industry, showcasing our commitment to crafting customized solutions and educating our clients throughout the development process.


May 23, 2024


NodeJS, PostgreSQL, React