Developing A Feature-rich Data Real Estate Platform To Make Wiser Investment Decisions For Investors

This smart proptech product that PowerGate worked closely with an Australian partner has recently gained recognition on Seven Network’s 7NEWS – The most-watched news program in Australia with nearly 2 million viewers every day. The capability of its robust solution delivers a comprehensive management analysis, bringing the most optimal investment opportunities for investors.

Due to a lack of close collaboration and effective communication, our partner’s experience with a previous product development team fell short of their outcome objectives. It resulted in a product that did not meet their expectations in terms of data clarity, user relevance, and overall satisfaction. Upon partnering with PowerGate, we established a foundation of consistent interaction and communication, ensuring the client remained well-informed with regular updates on our team’s activities. Some key components of the product, following PowerGate’s scope of work, were developed, encompassing tracking, managing, and accessibility to industry data and market insights to find the right market to achieve financial goals. Equipped with its search tools, investors can explore the pre-selected markets to find the most advantageous properties within them. The platform also offers the purchase requirements for investors and keep them updated every step of the way.


May 23, 2024


PostgreSQL, Python, React JS, Real Estate, Web Application Development