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Our clients depend on PowerGate to launch technology products in a cost-effective and reliable manner. We deliver business and technology transformation from start to finish, leveraging agile methodologies, proven customer collaboration frameworks, engineering excellence tools, hybrid teams and our award-winning proprietary global delivery platform.

Our Process

How We Do It

Product Consultation
● Analyze competitive products and define product strategy.
● Clarify requirements and define product goals.
● Define feature list for a minimum viable product (MVP).
Design UI/UX
● Doing user research and identify user needs, pain points, behaviors and goals.
● Doing UX/UI design by solving the problems and connecting with the user to improve usability, accessibility and user delight.
● Validate/Test with Users by identifying the problems faced by users during the interactions in the design prototype.
● Complete UI/UX design through reviewing and optimization process.
Plan Solution Architecture
● Analysis of various system or product scenarios. Identification of key parameters before working on the architecture.
● Plan for a system that will survive requirement changes or extension.
● Work with software architects to design the technical infrastructure. Design software to meet performance, scalability, and availability needs.
Building the Agile Way
● Develop in an iterative and incremental fashion.
● Automate iterative processes in development pipeline.
● Work in close collaboration with product owners.
● Produce working software at the end of each sprint.
Quality Control
● Test iteratively, unit test components.
● Accelerate testing process with automated testing.
● Audit and secure applications and servers.
● Ensure compliance with industry standards/app store guidelines.
Performance Engineering Throughout
● Assist with capacity planning and scalability analysis.
● Analyze, assess, and determine software bottlenecks.
● Tune the system performance—analysis-based optimization.
● Validate attributes such as reliability, scalability, and resource usage.
● Performance analysts, system engineers, developers—all working together.
Product Delivery
● Deploy the solution, offer training if required.
● Submit and get the app listed in app stores.
● Promote it as per the digital marketing plan.
● Collect feedback from early adopters; learn and adapt.
Support and Maintenance
● Avoid downtimes with 24/7 monitoring.
● Maintain with regular updates and enhancements.
● Enable more frequent deployments with CI/CD.
● Performance analysts, system engineers, developers—all working together.

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