Impressive Online Marketplace For Car Leasing, Ridesharing And Delivering Gigs In The US

Understanding our client’s vision was the key to the whole process, as we had a chance to create an online leasing car marketplace that permits users to rent out easily. You can hire cars for both individual and business purposes as well. This innovative platform connects people with the gig workers marketplace and hiring car partner.
Furthermore, standing-out features were added such as renting out a car for Uber or any delivery service, secure payment processing, listing cars within minutes, and setting own rate card and commercial insurance coverage to make it more simple and convenient for people who wanna find a car for short-term use.

By successful digital transformation, our client raised total funding amount of 43.9M US dollar and IPO in the US in 2022


April 25, 2021


AWS, Ecommerce & Retail, Enterprise Software Development, Marketplace, Rest API