A Go-to Marketplace Providing Gaming Companionship& Entertainment Services

From the perspective of user-centric design, PowerGate combined with the client to build a complex e-Companion social marketplace platform, where like-minded people can connect, spend time 1-to-1, and purchase or subscribe to exclusive content. This is a place to be for customers who are game lovers and fun seekers to find and connect with their multi-talented companions from across the world. The web app was built with a dynamic interface rich in features, giving users a seamless experience and shared joy with gaming, singing, chatting, watching movies, and more.

PowerGate’s Front-end and Back-end teams worked tirelessly to bring the platform’s functionality to life with these tech stacks as below:
+ Front-end: Angular js
+ Back-end: PHP, Laravel framework
+ Server platform: Cloudflare, Amazon AWS


April 25, 2021


AWS, Marketplace