A Fascinating Aviation Marketplace Of Pre-owned Aircraft In The USA

Intending to make client services more user-friendly, PowerGate’s team developed the product from scratch and assisted in improving the service by building the biggest platform classified site for used aircraft for Jets, Turboprops, Single engines, especially Twin aircraft, and various planes in the US.

The solution appears with valuable functions like searching aircraft for sale (thousands of used aircraft), seeing aircraft information of various categories & contacting agents. Users also can use this network to post an ad to buy or sell planes. On the website, you can find one of the best airplanes competing for your business with an affordable budget. More significantly, it is free for buyers and sellers with numerous aircraft financing lenders to assist you in receiving the best rate, lowest fees, and overall best aircraft loan available. The product enabled our client to effectively serve over 4000+ buyers and sellers; attract, retain, and manage clients 5x the size as before.


September 5, 2021


Front-end Development, Marketplace, Web Application Development