A Technology-Backed Auction Platform To Save Your Time And Money In Iowa 

This unique community for auction buyers platform in Iowa was built and maintained by PowerGate Software Team. To digitalize an auction shopping experience and develop a proper virtual bidding process, some vital online auction features were aligned with several search options (location, auctioneer, time, color-coded maps, auction notifications, and more) and the ability to be seen on any device.

Auctiongoers can search a large database of auctions online and search using keywords, location, auctioneer, and many more options. They can even set alerts so they are notified when a particular auction may interest them. Also, the land sales and auction information aids in providing more views of the upcoming auction and market. The platform has a network of more than 5,000 auctioneers nationally, and every week our client lists thousands of new things at an auction in South Dakota and across United States.


March 25, 2021


AWS, Ecommerce & Retail, Marketplace, Rest API