A Prevalent Student Activity And Time Tracking In UAE

Transforming the time management skill into a cutting-edge, mobile-centric digital tool, PowerGate Team designed a platform for teachers, students, and parents to manage their academic activities and school-related information. To realize their mission journey for customers, we collaborated with the back-end and front-end teams to develop attendance management, homework-assignment tracking, and exam-grade management for clients easier to track and follow -up on the studying process. We then built out the communication tool to offer instant messaging and email features that allow teachers, students, and parents to communicate with each other directly through the app.

The combination between PowerGate and our client has brought a result that over 85% of parents and teachers feel more convenient to follow up and report students’ learning process.


March 12, 2019


Cross Platform, Education & Edtech, IONIC, iOS, Mobile App Development, SaaS