A Smart Shopping Browser Extension To Earn Quick Cash Backs & Coupons In Just One Click

This useful application represents a revolutionary way for buyers to earn cashback through commission stores while also automatically discovering the best coupon codes, available as a Firefox, Chrome, or Safari extension. With the browser extension, you can save hundreds of dollars at over 3000+ stores, including those offering fashion, jewelry, applications & electronics, home & kitchen, and travel…

Our client is a U.S. businessman who did not have an internal tech team. Consequently, they needed to find a partner to help develop and deliver the application from scratch at an attractive price, all while maintaining high quality. Leveraging our competitive advantage, marked by high capacity and successful pilot projects, we outperformed five competitors and were selected as the contractor to develop the entire system. We have meticulously designed and created a Browser Extension with an eye-catching interface, making use of caching mechanisms to ensure a seamless and responsive user experience. The application automatically searches for and applies the best coupons, displaying the lowest price for every item, empowering buyers to make informed decisions with their money. Just three months after its release, the application has garnered high ratings and amassed over 5,000 installations, signaling a promising level of success and user adoption.


November 15, 2023


AWS, Ecommerce & Retail, My SQL, NodeJS, PHP, React Native