Front-End Development For An All-In-One Crypto Wallet That Connects To Multiple Trading Platforms.

This crypto wallet is a ground-breaking innovation to the seemingly saturated cryptocurrency market. Our client had the idea to normalize having a crypto wallet and aspire to become a staple e-wallet for the general public.

To do that, their biggest challenge was to build an application that could connect to a variety of other crypto wallets to make easy transactions. In this project, the PG team implemented the Front-End side of the product and integrated it with the API that was developed by the customer.
It was quite challenging since our team and their internal team worked independently, and that’s where our Product Manager shone. He had to make sure every requirement was synchronized between 2 teams and that one team would not block the progress of the other. So he set up Sprint planning meetings so our Front-End team can synchronize the update on requirements, and also manage the User Stories on Jira very detailedly and share it with the customer so they can give comments or have discussions directly on Jira.

After launching, the mobile & website application has achieved significant success. Its innovative features and user-friendly interface helped the founders bag US $2,000,000 after two funding rounds.


August 25, 2023


crypto currency, Electron, Fintech, React Native