Renovating The HRM System Supporting 10,000+ Employees In Indonesia

The outdated HRM system of two of the largest Indonesian manufacturers needs immediate renovation to serve the rapid increase of users.

The user experience design was the biggest challenge for the PowerGate team in this engagement. We collaborated with the client to undertand the functions needed in the application, and suggested a new user story that is more logical and intuitive. Then, we made use of the existing code to save development time. In just 3 months, an upgraded system was delivered to our client.

The new system still support the old functions, including: attendance checking, compnay notifications, and calculating payroll for both employee payments and auditors but at a much fasster speed. Additionally, the system allows clients to customize their factory settings to prepare for future changes. The two factories’ HR team reported that the satisfaction rate for the app increased from 75% to 92% after this update.


August 24, 2023


ERP, Human Resource Management, Laravel, My SQL, React JS