Upgrading The Inventive Social Platform That Connected 5000+ Users In The First Month

This social networking platform is nothing like the existing ones in the market – it is designed to create real & sincere connections between people. Our customer, who underestimated the number of users, had their in-house team develop the first, underperforming version of the product. This system performed poorly as the number of users increase quickly. And there the PowerGate team came in.

We took charge of optimizing the performance of the system and elevating some of the functions. In 3 months, an Agile team of PowerGate worked intensively on the source code to debug and enhance the functions. Small fixes were made constantly to adhere to users’ responses. By now, an optimized system had been delivered to our customers with a variety of functions like: creating polls to set event dates, chatting and connecting with friends, shared interests, or adding a friend to the “inner circle”. We also integrated the system with Branch.io to collect more insights into users in the future for the client’s marketing purposes.

After working with PowerGate Software, our customers reported much fewer negative comments from their users. No claims about lagging or glitches were received. The product is growing steadily on its way to becoming the top-ranking famous app for young people in Australia.


August 24, 2023


PostgreSQL, React Native, Social Networks