An Effective HRM Solution – Efficient Employee Time Tracking & Scheduling Solution In Europe

This intelligent application is a revolution in the way firm owners manage their employees and faciliate time sheet report.

This is the second collaboration of PowerGate software with this client. We totally convinced them after successfully creating web application for them and won this engagement for a management application. The vital functions of this application includes biometric time clock controled by finger swipe, timesheet log, and photo upload. This application faciliate not only the management side of the firm, but also encourage employees to use their time more efficiently.

The deliver product’s user interface and performance increased largely, resulting in much positive feedback from end users with over 700 satisfied customers and + 50.000 daily users. Now, it has been used by many companies in Europe and has helped numerous businesses save labor costs by up to 10%.


August 23, 2023


ERP, Human Resource Management, My SQL, NodeJS, React Native