The Pioneering Feature-Rich Automated Testing Management Tool In Australia

This system is an outstanding breakthrough in test management – the first automated test management tool able to identify and manage defects, requirements, and test cases, as well as efficiently track projects from start to finish, and generate detailed project reports with comprehensive data.

Our client had an excellent idea but was held back by their limited technical capability. Their existing system fell short of performing the functions wished by their team. Getting down to work, the PowerGate team conducted a thorough auditing of the existing software system to identify and fix any bugs that were hindering its functionality. Then, we designed the modernization plan for this product, including a new presentation layout, enhanced performance, accessibility, and scalability, all the while maintaining the existing business and functional logic and data. We then got the plan approved by the clients, and finally, a renovated system was delivered.

The delivered product has been met with enthusiastic acclaim from industry experts. Our clients estimated that this application can reduce 30% of testing effort compared to traditional manual testing.


August 23, 2023


.Net, Multi-tenant Web Application, My SQL, React JS