Encouraging A Greater Degree Of Innovative Social Network For Business Experts

The world has been moving towards digitalization at a very fast pace, and as a result, the demand for the greatest platform for business promotion is increasing. Our client wanted to develop the most up-to-date application, which gave a new look to a platform where users could express themselves outside of a resume and a typical LinkedIn profile. It included their professional development (such as courses taken), their business interests (such as business podcasts), and their passions (such as their all-time favorite business book).

We’ve sought to make the entire experience as uncomplicated as possible, where users publish content that is relevant to others and acts as a platform for genuine networking rather than simply an online CV. The product was released after 4 months of development and recorded an increment of 300% register account.


June 11, 2019


Angular, Cross Platform, IONIC, Mobile App Development, PHP, Social Networks