An Asia Pacific’s Leading Micro Mobility Mobile App

One of the most popular e-scooter rental mobile apps in Southeast Asia was developed and maintained by the PowerGate team. Applying the Agile/Scrum methodology, weekly planning sessions and reviews, and using Jira as a planning tool, the MVP product was successfully built & launched in 3 months and after that, the whole system of the Website & Mobile App was scaled up and completed followed. The application has transformed how people travel by encouraging them to leave their automobiles and use e-scooters instead.

It has created a new era of e-scooters that are not only enjoyable, easy to use, and reasonable price but also more eco-friendly and directly affect the Singapore government to release a new law for scooters.


March 11, 2019


AWS, Cross Platform, iOS, Javascript, Mobile App Development, NodeJS, React Native, Rest API

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