Vietnam Software Company Development Costs vs American Software Company

Vietnam Software Company Development Costs vs American Software Company

These days, software is present in almost all electrical devices, including gadgets embedded in, or programs installed on mobile devices and computers. Among the four major categories of software development are System Services, Programming Services, Open-Source, And Software As A Service (SaaS).

A software company today has the potential to revolutionize the world. Our routine interactions with intelligent software are so common that we may not even realize it. The use of software applications makes conducting business easier since we use software for a variety of tasks like managing accounts, billing, payroll, and databases. Many industries rely on software, such as healthcare, banking, and general communication.

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Vietnam’s Cost-Effective Software Development

Outsourcing software programming is currently dominated by India and China. As an outsourcing site, Vietnam is starting to offer offshore development services such as web applications, AI, cloud computing, automating, and digitizing, etc. Among Asia’s software manufacturers, Vietnam has low-cost outsourcing. Compared to hiring US labor, outsourcing software development in Vietnam is about 90% cheaper.

Compared to India and other countries, outsourcing software to Vietnam costs one-third to one-seventh less. Taking into account these figures, it is easy to see why foreign companies are considering offshore software development in Vietnam. 

Processing costs tend to increase as Indian and Chinese markets mature. Companies looking for the most cost-effective way to develop their business often choose to outsource to Vietnam.

The affordability and high-quality services of a new nation like Vietnam hold great promise. Depending on the company’s reputation, the project’s size, and the skill set required, prices in this region often range from $25 up to $45 per hour.


American Software Company

American Software offers supply chain management and enterprise software solutions. Its products include global sourcing, workflow management, customer support, and ERP solutions, including shipment tracking, requisition management, e-processing, System z-Suite, System i-Suite, and e-Intelliprise Suite. By providing Cloud-based, Internet-architected solutions to global enterprises, the Company’s software and services deliver tangible business value.

The company offers a suite of supply chain management and enterprise software solutions that are driven by demand-driven supply chain management and are supported by over forty-five years of industry experience that bring value to companies regardless of market conditions. 

By providing Cloud-based, Internet-architected solutions to global enterprises, the company’s software and services deliver tangible business value. Software and consulting solutions are aligned with three business segments: Supply Chain Management (SCM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and Information Technology (IT). 

A software developer in the US can make as much as $123,040 per year or $60 per hour. There are occasions when an extremely large project can reach a cost of $200 per hour if it requires an extensive team of programming experts. Developers’ skills and programmer languages also play an important role in the price. 

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Is Vietnam Good For a Software Engineer?

Vietnam is emerging to become one of the leading ICT service providers besides India and China. Government officials are continuously working to create the best conditions for technology development so that Vietnamese IT professionals can contribute to digital development successfully. Therefore, software engineers are effectively supported in the development of their careers.

Ho Chi Minh City, Danang, and Hanoi are Vietnam’s three main ICT labor markets. It is being hailed as a tradition in the software industry to provide talent with favorable working environments so that they may develop their careers and contribute to the success of the company. To gain momentum for the next phases, human resource development is a top priority. As a result of this development, the best products and services in ICT can be provided to customers with confidence.


How Much Do Software Developers Make In Vietnam?

Vietnamese software engineers earn about 17,400,000 VND per month on average. The highest salary they can get is 27,400,000 VND, and the lowest is around 8,370,000 VND. 

Software engineers can earn more than others, as much as any other job, depending on how much experience they have. Having a wealth of experience is a competitive advantage. A salary of 18,300,000 VND per month is earned by employees with five to ten years of experience, 31% higher than someone with experience of two to five years.

Another factor that influences a software engineer’s salary is their education. Higher education pays better. The average monthly salary for software engineers with Master’s degrees in Vietnam is 25,900,000 VND, considerably more than the average salary for undergraduates.

It is estimated that the average salary of a software engineer in Vietnam can be as much as 2% to 4% higher than that of their colleagues who work in data analysis or information technology. However, software engineers’ salaries in Vietnam are still lower than their foreign colleagues.

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Why Do Companies Outsource To Vietnam?

Companies look for competitive outsourcing costs, a highly skilled workforce, cutting-edge technologies, and top technical talent which Vietnam has an abundance of and make it a favorite outsourcing destination.

An increasing number of young Vietnamese can be seen going for IT careers, raising the rank of their tech workers among the best software developers in the world. Enterprises can fulfill their growing offshore development needs through the vast number of skilled software developers. The abundance of talent comes with creativity and technical brilliance. Their expertise in their field offers the best quality of software outsourcing for their clients.

English is being taught as a second language instead of a foreign language in Vietnam’s educational institutes. This increases international workforce collaborations and English skills among IT professionals, making the country one of the leading IT outsourcing destinations globally. 

Many companies reduce their costs by outsourcing to Southeast Asian countries and Vietnam is one of the top ones in that. This is because the average salary in Vietnam is lower than others and CIO Magazine has even declared it to be almost 90% less expensive than developing software in the USA. Vietnam has been one of the most politically stable countries of Southeast Asia and has also experienced rapid economic growth in the last thirty years.

Worldwide clients look for trusted service providers and Vietnam fulfills that request. Its variety of software outsourcing companies includes top service providers such as Saigon Technology and TPS Software with customers in Australia, Canada, the USA, Singapore, and many more. You can expect the best quality custom software development, software outsourcing, web application, mobile app development, and UI/UX design solutions. All of these are offered with exceptional quality and incredibly affordable prices.


What Are The Major Software Companies In the USA?

  •   The top software companies in the USA start with Apple, the designer, manufacturer, and marketer of smartphones, laptops, tablets, personal computers, smartwatches, accessories, and music devices.
  •   Next in line is Microsoft, the developer of software packages, Windows operating system provider, CRM applications, Bing search engine, and even cloud computing technology solution provider.
  •   Alphabet Inc., the parent company of Google is next with its contribution in technology, investment capital, research, and life sciences.
  •   After that comes, the world’s biggest e-commerce portal selling anything and everything associated with price.
  •   Then comes Facebook, the largest social media network, followed by Visa which enables businesses, banks, individuals, and states in using digital currency.
  •   Intel Corporation is the manufacturer of Intel chips in computers and works on 5G technology.
  •   Cisco Systems is the leader in IT and Networking and it helps companies in transforming the way people connect, communicate, and collaborate.
  •   Oracle Corporation is the provider of products and services which address enterprise IT environments.
  •   Last but not least is Adobe, a software and technology solutions provider.


What Does American Software Do?

Founded in 1970, American Software offers supply chain management and enterprise software solutions. Its products include global sourcing, workflow management, customer support, and ERP solutions, including shipment tracking, requisition management, e-processing, System z-Suite, System i-Suite, and e-Intelliprise Suite. By providing Cloud-based, Internet-architected solutions to global enterprises, the Company’s software and services deliver tangible business value.

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What Are The Top Software Companies In The World?

  •   The topmost is Microsoft which was founded in 1975 and offers an operating system, productivity software, and enterprise software as its main software.
  •   Next we have Oracle, founded in 1977 and offering enterprise software and software as a service.
  •   Then comes SAP, founded in 1972 and similar to the previous one, it too offers enterprise software and software as a service.
  • was founded in 1999 with its main software types being offered as a service and as enterprise software.
  •   Broadcom was founded in 1961 and offers enterprise software along with security software.
  •   Adobe, founded in 1982 offers graphics editing, graphic design, web design, and video editing software among its main software.
  •   Dell Technologies was founded in 2016 and they offer enterprise, virtualization, and security software.
  •   HCL Enterprise, founded in 1976 offers software outsourcing, software consulting, and enterprise software.
  •   Intuit was founded in 1983 and the main software it offers are enterprise software and personal finance software.
  •   Founded in 1984, Fiserv mainly provides financial services software to its customers.

As of today, the software industry is valued at over $533 billion, but by 2025, it is expected to reach a market value of $773 billion. Considering the importance of software in our everyday lives, its growth over the last few years is no surprise, since it plays a fundamental role in business and our personal lives.

Software is essential to making computers practical. Without it, physical hardware would be largely ineffective. Programs and data used are the software, which makes software producers the most important aspects of the tech industry in general.

There are many different types of software, including entertainment, business, and security software. Here are the updated rankings of the top software companies in the world.


The Bottom Line

The majority of Vietnam’s software outsourcing companies will be able to capture the most share of the market by approaching clients in Western countries with massive project values. Vietnam software development companies may be an ideal choice to outsource since they have extensive experience and high capacity.

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