Vietnam Software Outsourcing | Important Facts 2021

Vietnam Software Outsourcing | Important Facts 2021

In the modern age, software industries are constantly evolving. With growing demand should come growing supply, yet many major industries are not able to keep up. In this ever-changing market, it is almost impossible to manage a business and quickly deliver on time. 


Outsourcing is the solution for large companies dealing with over-bearing workloads. Yet, though offered by a lot of developing countries, Vietnam is still one of the few countries so many western companies turn to for outsourcing. Being the pioneers in IT outsourcing today, their productivity and efficiency are unmatched in the world.


However, it is understandable to have your doubts about outsourcing to Vietnam. Consequently, to clear these doubts and list the various advantages, PowerGate Software has compiled for you a complete guide to our Vietnam software outsourcing services!


Vietnam’s Leading Mid-size Software Development Company

PowerGate offers a world-class team with premium services in everything related to software development. From mobile and web-based enterprise solutions to web applications and portal development, PowerGate offers it all. With our dynamic teamwork and deep background in product, engineering, and design, we thrive on delivering only quality products.


Though we do have branches all over the world, our Vietnam branch, in particular, is always the hub of our business. The premium Vietnam software outsourcing services offered by us are unmatched in quality and efficiency.

Vietnam Software Outsourcing


We Turn Your Ideas into Tailor-made Software 

At PowerGate Software, we make it just the way you want it. With thorough product consultation on every project, we define a detailed product strategy before any major task. No matter how obscure or different an idea might be, we will help bring your vision to life with our premium Vietnam software outsourcing services. 


Our product consultation process involves analyzing competitive products and then defining a strategy based on that. Afterward, we clarify the requirements and product goals based on your idea, and then define a f eature list for a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). With a detailed idea of your project set in mind, we work on designing and planning the software architecture of your product. At every step, we consult you for your approval and we base every action solely on your ideas. 


Software Outsourcing Services

With our passion for greatness, we provide nothing but high-quality software outsourcing services. We have years of experience with dozens of well-established clients and constantly strive for quality standards only.  


We believe that talented teamwork and efficient processes are integral factors for success and constantly strive towards it. Our high-quality deliveries are simply a product of our hours of effort and teamwork. With our team of over a hundred top tech specialists, we offer a variety of development services with expertise in various areas.

Vietnam Software Outsourcing Product Development

Our Expertise

Product Development Consulting

As stated earlier, we can work successfully on any product idea you give us. However, even if you are slightly confused about how to go about your idea, we have world-class teams capable of consulting you through the process. We would be able to come up with various solutions which would ultimately take your project to the desired goal.. 


At PowerGate, we don’t just stop at providing software development services or only do what customers tell us. We constantly improve, adapt, and adjust according to your unique needs and requirements. We deeply understand your idea and efficiently convert it into a product solution with a suitable technical proposal.


Product UI/UX Design

After we consult you on your idea, we ensure to make it visually appealing to your standards. We do this by establishing design standards, workflows, and guidelines for your user interface/user experience (UI/UX). With years of experience, our design team is ready to handle any UI.


Some of the UI/UX designs we have worked on include, but are not limited to:


  • Healthcare/Hippa Products 

Our comprehensive custom development allows healthcare institutions and startups to create cross-platform UI/UX designs. These are capable of ensuring a positive patient and doctor experience.


  • Fintech Systems

With Fintech system designs, we help startups and tech giants to deliver worthwhile customer experiences, enhance profits, and mitigate risks.


  • Marketplace Systems

Powergate creates efficient mobile and online web UI/UX designs for retailers, companies, and brands. 


Software Product Development

Our software product development process is fit to satisfy any desired marketplace. Despite being a Vietnam software development outsourcing company, we ensure that our product targets and affects the appropriate audience. No matter where your target audience or demographic might be, we put efforts into finding out what they like and how we can achieve that. Our development services include:


  • Custom Software Development

We can develop quality software with nothing but a vague idea or notion. Whether it is a startup idea, a domain-specific application, or a large-scale corporate system, we build custom software while ensuring seamless integration.


  • Third-party Solution Customization

Through experience, we have come to understand that clients often require versatile platforms and components. Consequentially, we have learned to develop custom solutions, which cover our customers’ unique demands. 


  • Legacy Application

We understand that not all of our customers might be up-to-date with the latest technologies. To overcome this, we even offer redesigns and refactoring services for outdated systems. Our diligent teams safely migrated your data to newer platforms and undergo technical architecture reviews. 

Software outsourcing Vietnam

Mobile App Development

Powergate is a renowned mobile app development company in Vietnam. We provide full-cycle mobile development services, which include concept UI/UX design, prototyping, programming, testing, and support. Being one of the best Vietnam software outsourcing companies as rated by our clients and their end-users, we provide nothing but quality mobile apps developed from scratch.


Unlike many of our rival Vietnam outsourcing companies, we have been in this industry for a long time. For this reason, we know what it takes to reach the gold standard of mobile app development. We do everything in our power to ensure that our clients receive quality mobile app development services to suit their needs.

Mobile App Development in Vietnam

Web Development Services

As a globally recognized Vietnam-based software company, we use our deep technical knowledge to help clients create custom web application development initiatives. At PowerGate, we design and develop web-enabled software for web application development and modernization. We customize open-source solutions, e-commerce solutions, business applications, web services building, intranet/extranet development, and system integration to fit your requirements. 


With the industry constantly growing and rapidly evolving, we accommodate these changes and adapt to them accordingly. PowerGate always uses only structured framework programming and the best programming practices, coding guidelines, and standards. We always adopt the latest trends and improve ourselves to provide clients with the best possible solutions.


Why Vietnam for Software Outsourcing?

  • Population

One of the greatest advantages of working with Vietnam software outsourcing companies is the country’s large and youthful population and talent pool. Approximately 70% of the population in Vietnam is under the age of 35 and approximately 45% are between the ages of 15 and 35. This implies that almost half of the population is fit to join the workforce.


  • IT Specialized Schools

In Vietnam, there are over 250 colleges or universities that specialize in the field of Information and Technology. In addition, there are also 187 vocational schools which offer Information and Technology-related courses. Due to this, Vietnam software outsourcing companies are often filled with elite specialists in their field – each capable of developing only the highest-quality software for your needs. 


  • Educational Standards

Other than the surplus of top-class IT universities or colleges offered in Vietnam, there is also generally a pretty high literary rate. With around 280,000 annual college graduates, there is always fresh college talent looking for work. Out of these 280,000 students, around 30,000 to 40,000 graduates come from the field of IT. Consequentially, they are prime candidates for Vietnam outsourcing companies, which are constantly looking for fresh and innovative talent.


  • Affordable Costs

One of the best parts of hiring a software outsourcing company in Vietnam is the significantly lower costs related to development when compared to American developers. At PowerGate, you can hire a Vietnamese developer for 90% of the cost of an American developer.


Even when compared to other outsourced countries, Vietnamese developers cost about 30% less than Indian developers. 


  • Big Investors

Currently, many big players in the tech industry have already invested in the Vietnam outsourcing market. Companies such as Intel, IBM, Fujitsu, Foxconn, and Canon are just some of the few globally recognized brands present in Vietnam.


When these large companies invest in Vietnam, it develops the infrastructure of the country, which inevitably makes it easier for more companies to invest, in turn. These big investors encourage an endless cycle of development by establishing a basic infrastructure for Vietnam’s economy. This ideally would pique the interest of all potential clients, as it enables Vietnamese developers to gain the expertise offered by these corporate giants.


  • Stability

Oftentimes, outsourced countries are set back due to unstable political climates. Egypt and Sri Lanka are prime examples of countries stripped of their progress due to the unstable nature of their government.  


However, the same cannot be said about Vietnam. With a stable political climate for the past 30 years, its GDP is quite high at 7.4%. Around 90% of the population is Vietnamese and does not follow any religion. Due to these reasons, there is no definite risk of rebellion, opposition, or instability.


Vietnam Software Company Development Costs vs American Software Company

We have created a detailed article looking at the typical costs of software development in the United States and in Vietnam. Read our article to see why so many western companies are turning to Vietnam for software outsourcing.

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