A Preeminent Platform For Conscious Food Shopping, Empowering Customers With Allergy-Aware Item Selection

This platform is a groundbreaking platform accessible via mobile devices and web browsers that revolutionizes the way customers approach their food choices. With a focus on health and safety, the solution provides a user-friendly interface that allows customers to discover detailed ingredient information and easily exclude allergens from their shopping experience.

Our client is a businessman lacking an in-house technical team. As a result, they required assistance in building the product from scratch to maintenance, while ensuring both cost-effectiveness and good quality. Capitalizing on our unique competitive advantage of being a one-stop shop for software development services that has been demonstrated through our proven track record of successful projects, we emerged as the chosen contractor for a long-term relationship. PowerGate utilized a secure and scalable architecture with robust databases to store product information, user profiles, and allergen exclusions for the platform. Advanced search algorithms ensure efficient filtering and personalized recommendations. The user interface is designed with responsive web design principles, allowing seamless access from various devices.


March 1, 2024


Healthcare, NodeJS, React JS