A Powerful Warehouse Management System To Control & Administer Warehouse Operations Effectively

This solution is an impressive breakthrough designed specifically for the automotive aftermarket industry – a pioneering warehouse management system able to manage and streamline various warehouse operations, such as inventory control, order processing, picking, packing, and shipping.

This collaboration is with a returning client who had a successful partnership spanning over 8 years with PowerGate. In this second collaboration, our client trusted the PG team and empowered us to take over 100% of the technical matters. We have meticulously designed and created the WMS application with multiple useful features. The biggest achievement of the PowerGate team in creating this product was a seamless integration of this application with other business systems like enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, e-commerce platforms, and shipping carriers to streamline data transfer and improve overall workflow. This successful collaboration once again reinforced the partnership between us and the client, proving our capacity of constantly delivering high-quality products.


March 1, 2024


AWS, MongoDB, PHP, React Native