Developing A Leading Loan Assistance Platform For One Of The Most Popular Bank In Vietnam

This web application holds a preeminent position as the digital offering of one of Vietnam’s most prominent banks, originally established by the military department.

The CEO of this financial institution sought our expertise in creating a dependable solution for customers in search of installment loans, cash loans, or credit accounts—all accessible through a user-friendly web application. This digital solution effectively eliminates the necessity of physically visiting a bank branch. Furthermore, it empowers bank officers to precisely identify and engage distinct customer segments by offering tailored loan rates and packages, ultimately leading to substantial improvements in conversion rates.

Our dynamic PowerGate team swiftly embarked on a comprehensive system redesign, emphasizing user-friendliness, customization to cater to specific customer groups, and ensuring seamless responsiveness on mobile devices. After a remarkably short period of three weeks designing the platform, we continuously developed the build phase by employing cutting-edge technologies like React JS and Razor to meet the project’s evolving needs.
After the delivery of this project with high satisfaction from the customer, PowerGate is honored to go from a vendor to a strategic partner for one of the largest banks in Vietnam.


November 18, 2023


.Net, AWS, MongoDB, Razor, React JS