Optimism in Technology Innovation!


We seem to find it increasingly difficult to come up with something Creative and Innovative in the world of technology nowadays, with millions of brains around the world digging around. Touch any topic, try to think of a new idea, then do a Google search. High chances, you will find that idea already existed, or even there is a product for that problem.



However, at PowerGate – Global Product Studio- every day, every week, we continue to meet and talk with many new partners. They are the Founders of new ideas, startups, and products, from all over the world: USA, Canada, Australia, Europe, Hongkong, Singapore… Their creativity is diverse and wonderful, but the important thing is that they are often experts in their fields, such as Finance, Real Estate, Healthcare, Tourism, Education, Production Management, Entertainment … They thoroughly understand industry problems and can find new solutions to those problems. It’s an endless source of creativity for new products.



Moreover, through the optimistic vision of technology which was shared by Eric Schmidt (Google, ex-CEO), I can also feel that we still have a lot of opportunities in innovation and technology. Eric Schmidt’s optimism is justified:


* Firstly, the data explosion is continuing AND there’s a lot of data that we haven’t collected yet. For example, if you, like millions of others, do not yet have a watch that can record activities and information such as the number of hours you sit in one place, the number of hours you walk, the number of hours you sleep during a day, heart rate, blood pressure…, it’s a huge source of useful information. If collected and exploited, they will be extremely useful to your health and billions of people around the world.


* Second, is the development of AI (artificial intelligence) brains, thanks to which, computer systems with large computing capabilities can effectively exploit the above massive data. It will turn inanimate devices into things that understand your health better than you, your dear wife, and even your personal doctor. Because it’s awake and still working, right next to you, while you’re sleeping… I think this will be popular in 10-15 years!



Try to think more broadly about (a) Data Collection and (b) Development of AI (data processing) for other industries such as Economics, Commerce, Meteorology, Real Estate, Education, etc. We can see a great playground for creative and intelligent people to solve big problems!



Think of an idea and start developing it…!




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