An Intensified Platform For Matching Jobseekers And Employers In Washington

With more and more millennials entering the workforce and older generations retiring, hiring expectations are constantly evolving. Each group is very different in what it wants and needs at a job, causing a major shift in the industry. With that objective in mind, PowerGate joins forces to bring up the new changes in the hiring industry with the mission to help companies save time and make an optimal hire based on applicant ability which Company and Jobseeker can both achieve their purpose. This platform is a place where users can use one of two roles: Interviewer or Interviewee. The system will show all new jobs for employees to apply for. And Interviewers can post some content to recruit more employees.

No need to burn a month or almost two months to give an official offer when this great recruiting website helps companies save time and make an optimal hiring process simplifies the interview process and level up the company culture to company profits.


February 23, 2022


Angular, NodeJS, Web Application Development