A Worldwide Indie Music And Streaming Web App For Artists And Fans

After an initial introduction of our client’s services and holding a discovery workshop to identify their business requirements, we agreed on a roadmap to deliver a crowdsourced vinyl record platform in which Independent artists submit their music, members vote, and top-voted artists get pressed to vinyl. When a record is released, the artist receives payment in cash and records, while retaining all the music rights.

The system enables users to upload and stream music based on various genres and artists. Users can also vote on tracks, upvoting, downvoting, or skipping them. Additionally, the platform features music charts, forums, and voting mechanisms that determine which band gets their vinyl record pressed next. Powered by diversity, the marketplace has helped to bring more than 1000 music records to the audience. Today, the group of backers and artists is more than 20,000 strong, representing 15 countries and territories.


April 26, 2019


PHP, React, Web Application Development