A Technology-Backed Hyper-Personalized App Recommendation Service In US

An innovative platform was developed through a collaboration between PowerGate’s team and our US-based client, which is a hyper-personalized app recommendation service. Many startups and entrepreneurs are building apps, but there is no efficient mechanism in the marketplace for those apps to be discovered by the people they are being built for. The mobile app tried to meritocratic the app space by getting apps into the hands of the people they were built for.

Users can fill out a questionnaire, and with its fantastic features, based on Predictive Analytics Models and Algorithms, this tool will focus on customers’ personalities and questions and suggest the most suitable options. Based on that, they can easily find the best and most appropriate iOS application for their personal or business use.


June 11, 2019


AWS, Marketing & Adtech, PHP, Rest API, Web Application Development