What Software Can I Use To Create An App?

As software development is on a steady rise, creating a mobile application should be considered a crucial step to any developing business. However, if you have no experience in app development, this could prove to be a challenge. To compromise, you either spend money on an in-house or external developer, or you could learn to build your app yourself. 

With the way the world is progressing, it shouldn’t be a surprise that app development has become a common practice. You can either learn it from scratch or through the convenience of software developers, either way, you can make an application without knowing any sort of code. 

Throughout this guide, we will explain in detail which software is best for application development. Continue reading to learn more!

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Top App Builders

App building has been developed into a philosophy over the years. Through ideologies derived from platforms such as WordPress, app makers have allowed non-coders to design stunning visual interfaces, such as in Shoutem. By dragging and dropping pre-coded elements, you can select themes, color schemes, and designs. All this is done while app-making software handles the actual coding aspects. All users have to do is design and review before publication.

Out of these top app building software, the first commercially available app builder was Shoutem. It was released in 2010 and was ideal for its time, as most businesses didn’t have the budget for an app development company. 

However, this successful trend took a turn in 2017. During that time, Apple banned the production of apps made using templates from the App Store. Apple then established laws against the publishing of applications using third-party apps. Through them, as the app owner, you would be forced to create a publisher account and publish the app yourself with publishing fees of $99 a year to open an account. Though many app builders may guide you through this process, you are still burdened with the expenses.

However, despite the new laws, there are still clear advantages to templated apps. Through them, someone without any coding experience can successfully use an app maker to design and launch their functional app. Most app builders prefer using pre-coded elements to create applications coded in HTML5 for instant accessibility for mobile web browsers. 

However, if you want apps native to IOS and Android, you would have to hire a company to make the app from scratch. GoodBarber is an ideal example of a company that offers native “out of the box” apps.

Similarly, other popular app-making software that creates and sells applications as a business can be SellMyApp and Appy Pie. Usually, all offer a price plan to help become resellers through their software. 


List of App Builders and App Makers

  • SellMyApp

Being one of the first marketplaces for selling and buying mobile source code, SellMyApp strives to enrich and encourage innovation in the mobile developer community. They offer various options for stable income streams, such as allowing newcomers to purchase quality tested sources. Their marketplace consists of experienced developers that are capable of performing any code customization. 

  • GameSalad

GameSalad is a drag-and-drop game creation engine available on iPhone, iPad, Android, Tizen, and HTML5 for free. Using GameSalad, developers can test their games on Apple devices with no coding needed to publish games on the app store. The engine works on a powerfully complex behavior library that would enable anyone to engage in STEM learning and computer science. 

  • Appy Pie

Appy Pie is an app-development software aimed to decrease the amount of required coding to a minimum. The software is entirely Cloud-based with no need for installation, and it democratizes the mobile app development process. Appy Pie encourages small companies to access quality app development, and they are capable of producing games and apps compatible with HTML5. 

  • AppsGeyser

A web-based platform app that encourages the conversion of any web content into Android apps, AppsGeyser is a blessing for Android users. The Android-only codeless app creation platform lets users create custom templates based on content from mobile apps pulled from webpages. People use AppsGeyser to develop an average of over seven thousand apps daily, and it has developed a total of 6,000,000+ apps alone. 

  • Zoho Creator

Zoho Creators offers a low-code development platform. It allows you to create custom automated workflows, internal signs of progress, and manage databases. You can launch mobile-ready apps through its drag-and-drop interface to create tables and forms, design, schedule workflows, and perform various automated actions. It is used by over 2 million users, and 3 million apps have been created by it. 

  • BuildFire

BuildFire has been used by more than 30,000 businesses as an easy-to-use way of creating mobile applications. Through its “click-and-edit” platform, you can create mobile applications in exceedingly short periods. It is feature-rich and includes social network integration, loyalty programs, mobile shopping, and e-commerce features. Through its basic program, you can develop HTML5 applications, and this can be done for free with up to 200 web app installs. 


Mobile App Development Courses for Educational Institutes

If you are looking to create your web applications without knowing code or wanting to hire a software development company, you can learn it through mobile app development courses. Through these courses, students are enabled to learn no-code mobile app development. You can simply schedule a demo and explore the best options for your educational institution. 


Appy Pie’s No-Code App Development Program for Students

Appy Pie is a renowned app development program for students. It works to democratize the design and development process of programs and applications. Consequentially, Appy

Pie encourages everyone to build custom applications, and it does so with no need for technical experience, knowledge, or budget. 

Although, you should note that getting next-generation app developers accustomed to no-code app building environments is no easy feat. They are required to utilize their software efficiently. Resultantly, the goal of student app development programs is to make sure students can adjust accordingly.


Appy Pie Student App Developer Program

With the strain COVID-19 has put on schools’ resources, it was increasingly difficult for them to make online learning interactive, informative, and meaningful. Children should not be left behind in their right to a valuable education. To comprise and help children evolve as individuals, Appy Pie AppMakr brings a thrilling solution designed for K-12 students. The unique platform serves as the ideal way to give students in a curriculum an edge. 


Why Choose Appy Pie?

As a student app development program, Appy Pie encourages a hands-on approach to teaching app development to students. The following traits are a few of the reasons why:

  • Helpful for both Universities and Schools
  • Cloud-Based Online App Builder Platform
  • Capable of testing apps on mobile devices
  • Simple Set-Up with Chat Support to Guide You.


Benefits of the Unique Appy Pie Student App Developer Program

Through the student application development program by Appy Pie, your innovative creativity is encouraged, and your entrepreneurial aspirations are stimulated. As the future grows to be more inclined towards apps, students should be presented with as much positive and helpful exposure as possible. Through the unique Appy Pie student app development program, students can expand their minds and capabilities. 


[Top 10] Best App Development Software Platforms of 2021

An application development software serves as a way to help with app development by providing functionalities like IDE, code-free growths, templates, API, data synchronization, and Analytics. These tools help to speed up the development process and ease integration with backend services. These applications provide users with a visual development environment that makes the development process undemanding. 

You are also given the option of taking advantage of multiple features, such as hardware compatibility and help in workflow design and management. This app development software encourages apps for all kinds of devices, such as desktops, mobiles, and web browsers. 

The platform for application development consists of a variety of all required and interrelated tools. The tools encourage the development of applications, deployment, and regular updates. Gradually, these tools will also issue the facility for updates, advertising, and marketing. 


List of Top App Development Softwares

  • Zoho Creator

Zoho Creator serves as an ideal low-code platform for encouraging the rapid creation and delivery of web and mobile applications. With Zoho, you don’t have to write numerous lines of code to create an application. It includes features like Artificial Intelligence, Cloud function, third-party integrations, JavaScript, multi-language support, offline mobile access, integration with payment gateways, and more. It has created 6 million apps and has over 7 million users worldwide. It serves as an exceedingly efficient and workable software for all of your business requirements. 


Some of its features include the ability to create sizeable applications with minimal effort, build insightful reports, establish uncompromisable security, connect business data for collaboration across teams, and gain instant access to mobile apps. 

Appy pie app development in Vietnam

  • Appy Pie

Ideal for all kinds of businesses, Appy Pie would help you build apps for various purposes. It has a sizeable range of app builders capable of building payment apps and extends to worship app making.


Appy Pie offers valuable deals with a 14-day free trial on all plans. With its SMBs, you can get three-month subscription plans for Basic ($18 per app a month), Gold ($36 per app a month), and Premium ($60 per app per month). Other than that, their yearly subscriptions and enterprise plans are also available, but you must contact the company to learn more. 


You should note that, with App Pie, you do not have to resubmit an app after making changes to it. Ideally, it serves as a perfect app builder for small businesses, restaurants app building, real estate app building, radio app building, and more. Its features include but are not limited to prototyping tools for Android and iPhone, helping provide app analytics and a Platinum Plan to enable you control over all of Appy Pie’s branding. You can commit to various aspects like IAP, push messages, GPS, and more. 


Appy Pie has both a Cloud and On-Premises deployment system, and it’s capable of working on any platform. You can receive a maximum disk space of 600 MB, with a monthly bandwidth of 12 GB, along with customer support on email, chat, and phone to guide you anytime. 

zoho creator logo for App development company in Vietnam

  • AppSheet

In terms of pricing, AppSheet can be considered a relatively cheaper option. Mostly, it is free for personal apps made for a single user. However, three pricing plans are also available as their Premium Plan ($5 per user per month), Pro Plan ($10 per user per month), and Business Plans. Their business plan aims to establish mission-critical enterprise apps, and you can start for free on the Premium and Pro Plans.


AppSheet apps are abundant in feature sets, and they are capable of delivering multi-platform supported apps through their no-code development base. Its features include background data syncing and offline mode, optimized performance and control over the app life cycle, centralized management and increased productivity, and custom branding and format rules. These features can be deployed on Cloud or On-Premises Solutions on Windows, Mac, and Linux as platforms. 

app sheet logo for App development company in Vietnam

  • Bizness Apps

Bizness Apps has a slightly costlier pricing plan. For small businesses, it has an individual plan for $99 per month. Meanwhile, the other individual reseller plans consist of the Standard ($300 per month), Gold ($360 per month), and Platinum ($400 per month). 


Through Bizness Apps, you are encouraged to build native IOS and Android apps with no need for prior programming knowledge. It is a simple drag-and-drop app builder, and you can use premium add-ons such as private app store, signature, multiple language support, and group management. It works as a simple and easy-to-understand design engine with access to a Google font library with over eight hundred fonts. It comes with ready-made templates from numerous industries with a thousand icons, and it has various aspects for marketing, technology, and design. Other than that, Bizness Apps has twenty app credits, app integrations, and unlimited PWAs. It is established to provide aspects such as messages, menus, info-1-tire, info-2-tire, info-3-tire, mailing lists, and more. 


The features are available for deployment on both cloud and on-premises solutions, with the platform available on Windows, Mac, and Linux. If you are uncertain about anything, they even offer 24/7 email and phone support. 

bizness apps logo for App development company in Vietnam

  • Appery.io

Meant for medium to large-scale businesses, Appery.io offers a Pro Plan ($99 per month), Team Plan ($200 per month), and Enterprise Plan. They also offer yearly plans with a 14-day free trial for their Pro plan. 


Meanwhile, Appery.io serves as an ideal low-code development platform that works for developing hybrid mobile apps, web apps, and PWAs. The apps are built to be compatible with various kinds of well-known devices and platforms. It encourages you to integrate any existing backend with your app, and it allows you to provide the facility to import backend service into your builder instantly. Meanwhile, features can also be provided for team management. It has 50,000 to 200,000 platform API calls a month. Resultantly, its Enterprise plan helps facilitate features. These include Enterprise-grad-SLAs, private deployment, account management, and more. Through Appery.io, you can work with customized and advanced development through custom UI components, writing custom JS or CSS, developed storage layers, source code editing, model-based data structuring, and more. 


At the same time, Appery.io works on cross-platform development platforms with 15 GB as the maximum storage. 

ibuildapp logo for App development company in Vietnam

  • iBuildApp

In terms of pricing, iBuildApp has standard pricing. It has a 15-day money-back guarantee for all of its plans. It has three pricing plans: Company ($250 per month), Business ($59.40 per month), and Enterprise (starting with $20,000 per year).


Its features include coupons and loyalty cards to help loyal customers and provide them with a promotional toolkit to push notifications. The app allows the creation of custom features that support app development across multiple industries such as healthcare, radio stations, event planning, school and college, restaurant management, and more. If you need help guiding through iBuildApp, they provide 24/7 support to develop an app on iPhone, Android, and Tablet devices. 

ibuildapp logo for App development company in Vietnam

  • Shoutem

Shoutem is another standardly priced app builder fit for small to large-scale businesses. It includes a Basic Plan ($22.90 per month), Advanced Plan ($58.90 per month), and Unlimited Plan ($139.90 per month). It is a drag-and-drop app designer that can let you preview native apps and re-publish facilities for free of charge. Through Shoutem, you can provide numerous monetization features such as e-commerce, mobile advertising, promoting local businesses, and much more. It has multiple supported content sources with automated publishing facilities to iTunes and Google Play. You can receive analytics for analysis of your user behavior that would help optimize your app.

shoutem logo for App development company in Vietnam

  • Rollbar

Rollbar offers four pricing plans: Free, Essentials (starting from $41 per month), Advanced (starting from $81 per month), and Enterprise. The free plan is casual and designed for hobbies and side projects, with all the aspects of the Essentials plan except for on-demand events. Meanwhile, Rollbar works on all established languages and frameworks, and it serves as a tool that would help analyze and track stacked data.  You can use it to trace data and debug request params, local var values, browsers, IPs, and more.

rollbar logo for Application development company in Vietnam

  • JIRA

JIRA works for businesses of all scales. It comes with a free 7-day trial with a Cloud-based Solution. However, it would cost $10 per month (10 users) after the trial, with an On-Premises Solution that you can try for 30 days. On the other hand, for data centers, the price would be $12,000 per year for 500 users to serve as an effective tool for agile teams. The app allows you to customize workflows and develop custom filters that can be created using JIRA Query Language. 


Other than that, JIRA is ideal for project management and developing apps with customizable scrum boards and flexible Kanban boards. It has a roadmap feature that would allow you to draw pictures and communicate plans with Agile reporting and real-time insights. 

Jira logo for Application development company in Vietnam

  • AppInstitute

AppInstitute only works best for small businesses, and it offers four pricing plans: AppBuilder ($60 per month), AppBuilder Pro ($95 per month), AppBuilder Pro+ ($120 per month), and Reseller (starting from $400 per month). It allows the creation of apps from various industries such as beauty salons, radio stations, sports and fitness, coffee shops, and more. As a drag-and-drop builder, it works well at providing guidance for launching, promoting, and marketing your apps through full-brand control. It works even better with Push notifications, social media integrations, geo listings, loyalty programs, online payments, and more. 

Appinstitute logo for Application development company in Vietnam

Frequently Asked Questions about Software used to Create an App

  • What is the best software to create apps?

As a personal preference, we would choose Appy Pie as the optimal software to create apps. As a drag-and-drop application, it works exceptionally well for developing apps to reduce frustration. With Appy Pie, you do not have to get lost in codes, bugs, and debugging. It eliminates the necessity to remember exact textual codes, and it brings down potential cognitive load from programming and textual codes. 

Ideally, Appy Pie works well with beginners as well. It enables students to instantly see productive results and test them by using the app on their devices. Meanwhile, educators can also find the app advantageous as it eliminates the need to attain programming knowledge to create their apps. Along with that, Appy Pie provides around-the-clock help for any questions students may have. 


  • How can I create my app?

You can make your app by either hiring a professional app development team or through an app builder. App development teams are pricier options, and as an alternative, you can also learn how to create a globally accessible app with coding knowledge. However, if you want a quick and cheap way to create an app, you can always resort to a no-code app development program. It is simple, and it usually consists of only a simple drag-and-drop development app. Generally, these app builders do not require any prior experience whatsoever. You can design and develop an app any way you want without the requirement of a code. Through no-code app development programs, you can create a more enjoyable experience for yourself while creating anything you want and test it immediately by simply dragging and dropping elements.

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