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Software Product Development

The world of technology is progressing, and with the technological needs of businesses growing every day, the importance of innovative software product development services is irrefutable. It is extremely vital to follow a strict software product development process that makes project execution and code development easier and quicker. 


“All problems in computer science can be solved by another level of indirection.” — David Wheeler


The basic software product development process involves figuring out the business’s unique needs and coming up with a solution that is specifically tailored to meet their requirements. There are many ways to do this, but a good software product development service will choose the optimal model that will work the best for your organization. 


The Need for Innovative Product Development Services 

Software product development services are necessary because: 

Software Product Development Services Vietnam

  • They help in aligning a company’s specific business strategies with its product offerings. 
  • They involve methods that are designed to reduce risks with regard to product ideas and execution. 
  • Incorporate new technologies and innovative procedures to deliver optimum results. 
  • Enable businesses to adapt to changes in business requirements and markets. 
  • Help businesses in adhering to strict development timelines for investors and customers. 
  • Keep product development on schedule. 
  • Provide good version control, while maintaining the highest standards for code quality and program design. 
  • Help in producing a scalable, robust, and successful product. 


Service Offerings 

At PowerGate, we offer a wide range of services specifically designed to meet your every need. Here are just some of the specialized services we offer to our clients:

  1. Product development consultingVietnam Software Product Development Services
  2. Product UI/UX Design 
  3. Software Product Development 
  4. Mobile app development
  5. Web application development 
  6. Enterprise software development
  7. Product maintenance and management 
  8. Cloud-based solution 
  9. Enterprise mobility development 
  10. QA and software testing


Industries We Work With 

As a well-established software product development company, PowerGate has been successfully delivering quality results to clients in a variety of industries. We use modern methodologies and state-of-the-art practices to help propel you along your digital journey – no matter which business sector you need our help in. We have experience delivering projects within the following industries:


  • Healthcare 
  • FINTECH systems
  • MarketPlace Systems 
  • Social Networks 
  • Real Estate Applications 
  • Education  
  • Ecommerce 
  • Retail 
  • Marketing

Software Product Development Services in Vietnam

Product Development Methodology 

As with any business sector, software product development methodologies also differ from provider to provider. These methodologies are generally about how products are built and delivered to the clientele, but they are also used on a broader scale. The specific approach that a development team takes when working on a project largely impacts the entire method sequence of developing the product itself. 


Although product development methodologies vary greatly across different business sectors, they do follow a generalized foundation for the process. Here are some of the most popular software product development methodologies, alongside how they contribute to management work. 


  • Kanban

This methodology was first developed by Toyota, aiming to improve the overall manufacturing process. It is a workflow management method that greatly emphasizes the consistent delivery of valued products. 

Structured around the basic business principles, Kanban is centered on visualizing work to improve collaboration, decreasing workload burden, and increasing the flow of business. Some services use Kanban alongside Agile methodology, which is next up on our list. 


  • Agile

Agile is a hybrid of many different types of software development methodologies. It majorly focuses on promoting a repetitive and renewed approach to software delivery services. Agile aims mainly at helping software teams respond quicker and more efficiently to customer demands, reducing the amount of hassle in the workflow and ultimately resulting in better product delivery. Many companies are adopting this software product development plan to work faster and improve services. 


  • Scrum 

Scrum is a unique product development methodology whose focal point is to deliver services in time-boxed efforts that are called ‘sprints’. The working of a sprint involves several steps. The development team has to set a sprint goal, choose specific items from the company’s product logs, and then decide on the level of work they wish to complete. When the sprint is over, the team presents their work to business stakeholders, who then review it and decide it if is up to the mark. 


This approach to product development is a great way to specify exactly where certain problems may lie in the development process, making it easier to improve steps along the product lifecycle. 


  • Waterfall

This method relies heavily on a sequential, step-by-step approach that involves delivering products in phases. Industries such as manufacturing and construction generally enjoy the benefits of this methodology, as their production process involves a linear construction of products. 

This approach works very well for businesses whose requirements are very clearly outlined, with little to no chance of any fluctuation mid-process. The waterfall method emphasizes delivering a particular scope of work when the project has been completed. 


Here’s How We Can Help You 

PowerGate aims to help our clientele build superior, unique products that give them the edge they need to compete effectively in the cut-throat business scene. Here is a brief overview of what we can do for you. 


  • We help you achieve better product control and increased visibility in your target market. 
  • We offer you a range of power technologies, and the best development practices to help build SaaS applications for your business. 
  • We always focus on our client’s requirements, going above and beyond to understand your business objectives to guarantee effective product delivery. 
  • We help your business actively and efficiently address customer demands, and meet the expectations of their market, no matter how high. 


Why PowerGate? 

Founded by industry veterans, PowerGate Software is one of the leading software service companies in the UK, the United States, Canada, Australia, and Vietnam. We have been serving these regions for over 9 years, and have helped hundreds of customers bring their business goals and visions to life with our expertise and budget-friendly services. Our team comprises more than one hundred skilled, experienced, and professional engineers, who go out of their way to take on each project as if it’s the only one. 


We stand out from our competition due to the personalized approach we take with our clients – we assess your business model, requirements, budget, market, and unique needs, and then come up with an effective plan of action to help equip you with the tools you need to knock your competition out of the park. 

PowerGate Software Web Development team in Vietnam

Don’t believe us? Have a look at these numbers!


  • Over 100 Tech Specialists 
  • 200+ successful projects 
  • Unchallenged 96% customer satisfaction rate 
  • Over 180 global clients 
  • 5-person team for each project. 


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is software product development?

Software product development involves a repetitive, logical process that aims to build a software product to suit a particular business goal, process, or objective. 

It uses a set of features to produce a software product that is tailored to meet the needs of a specific market. Software product development can be categorized as a planned strategy, comprising of various stages before the final result is achieved, which is usually the creation of an operational software product for the business the developers are working with. 


  • Is software a product or service?

Simply put, software can be called both a product and a service. Software as a Product (also called SaaP), is an offering that is specifically built to be sold to users or consumers, who pay to receive the license which permits them to then use the said software. 

Software as a Service, or SaaS, is when the software is centrally hosted, and users need to buy a subscription to be able to use it. For example, Google Apps and Amazon Web Services can each be labeled Software as a Service. 


  • What is a software services company?

A software product development company is a company that, much like its name, produces various forms of software and software technology. They can also be related to technology distribution, and are said to make up the software industry. 


  • What is meant by software product? Give an example.

Software products are generally software systems that are delivered to the customer. The customer has to follow certain guidelines to understand how to install and use the system. An example of software as a product is Microsoft Office, which is usually distributed using CD-ROM, physical media, or downloaded online.  In contrast with Microsoft Office is Office 365, which is an example of software as a service, as customers have to sign up for a monthly subscription to use it. 

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