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Enterprise App Development Company | PowerGate Software

Enterprise App Development Services

PowerGate is a premium enterprise app development company. We offer our services by developing professional applications for your local businesses or websites. These app development services are crucial as they are complex and specific to one’s business. Each app is developed differently depending on the company it is for, and we help distinguish this change and develop an app that is just right for you!


Mobile Apps We’ve Delivered

Over the years, we have developed dozens of apps for our extremely satisfied clients. From Android Ecommerce and Retail Apps to IOS Healthcare Apps, there is nothing that we as an enterprise app developing company can’t do. We value our work and so do our clients because we deliver exactly what is best for your business!


Amongst the many apps, we have developed include SEA Top E-Scooter Tracking Mobile App, one of the most popular online car lease platforms in the United States for web mobile, and the biggest marketplace for farmland in the US for web mobile. These, among many more, are examples of the many successful mobile apps we have delivered.


Enterprise App Development Process

An enterprise mobile application is a large multi-user, developer, and component application that works with large chunks of data to utilize with its extensive parallel processing capabilities – a network of distributed resources and complex logic. These applications are then used across multiple platforms and operated alongside many other related or supporting applications. 

Since these enterprise applications are business-oriented, they are often used to meet specific business requirements. Each is, hence, encoded with a business’s policies, processes, rules, and entities, and similar business requirements are kept in mind.

If you would like to learn more about what enterprise application development is, we have a detailed guide that explains in more detail the basics. Please read out guide on what is enterprise application development in 2021?


How We Develop Enterprise Apps Differently?

We start the process by taking into consideration the importance of a user-friendly design. As an enterprise app developing company, we understand that a more streamlined and user-friendly interface encourages productivity so we strive for exactly that. This allows each user to apply information from the app, connect with their colleagues, and be more comfortable with the application.


Our years of experience, allow our team to understand how to develop apps based on your needs and preferences. This includes enterprise apps for business automation concerns. Through this, we create applications that process repetitive and time-consuming data at all data processing, information sharing, and reporting levels.


To ensure fluidity, our developers make sure the software is clean and well-structured. This is an important step as it allows the software to integrate advanced solutions which are easily upgraded while remaining virtually bug-free.


An integral part of a good application is its ability to change and adapt, and with a powerful back-end, to ensure that all of your data is under your control and that this feat is easily accomplished. These back-end systems would value features like user hierarchy, task allocation, custom reports, editing tools, etc.


And finally, we also understand that a company’s history can be just as important as its current portfolio of products and services. With our premium application integration solutions, we ensure that all of your old data is imported seamlessly with the new.


A Leader in Enterprise Application Development Services

We pride ourselves on being an award-winning enterprise app development company. With a team of over 100 top tech specialists and over 180 clients globally, we ensure that each project is the best possible enterprise application your company deserves. Due to this core value, we proudly say we have a satisfaction rate of 96%, and that our clients are just as happy as we are when working with them!


Tools and Technologies Used in Custom Enterprise Application Development

As a successful enterprise app developing company, we are experts in multiple fields of mobile application development, those of which are listed below. 


Cross Mobile Platform

We are experts in cross-platform development, allowing us to build mobile applications for any device or platform. 


  • React Native

React Native is a user-friendly app developing software. It allows you to build applications on all current mobile devices and platforms with efficiency and speed. However, with our expertise, it is made even easier and faster than ever before!


  • React

React is a JaveScript open-source library that was created by Facebook. It is quite renowned for its efficiency and is used in handling the view layer in web and mobile apps. React is great because it allows us to create reusable UI components. 


  • Angular 

Angular follows one of the best patterns and practices of the framework. It allows us to build robust and secure solutions which would attract customers and deliver the best user experience.


  • PHP

PHP allows us to create practically any corporate program for business management, including CRM, HRM, and ERP systems. 


  • NODE.JS 

Node.JS is a highly useful software for back-end coding in web development. It allows us to build high-performance web portals, branched with databases, correlating with Angular which is used for the front-end part.


  • .NET

ASP.NET tool allows us to develop any website and web application.


  • Javascript

Being a proficient enterprise app development company, we have professional programmers who are well-versed in both the front and back end of JaveScript development. They are capable of applying the most efficient JavaScript development frameworks and libraries to build interactive and functional web applications.


  • Python

Python is a language that is extremely popular globally, and as a web developing software, its abilities hold up to its name; it is the fastest way to create a web product.


  • Ruby on Rails

An idea and strategy are a notable start, but you will need the help of programmers who are one-of-a-kind too. The Ruby on Rails developers we have on hand love what they do and will joyfully help make you a stunning product!


  • IOS and Android

We are a powerful IOS and Android app development company, which is capable of turning your idea into a successful mobile product, from scratch!


  • JAVA

We are a professional offshore JaveScript programming and custom enterprise app developing company. We use custom development which includes J2SE, J2EE and J2ME platforms.



Finally, IONIC allows us to deliver native and web-optimized, performance-excellent, and full cross-platform mobile apps to you.


Our Structure as an Enterprise Mobile App Development Company

Now that you know what we do, it is about time we tell you who we are. PowerGate has a professional team that is capable of developing all kinds of enterprise mobile applications – maintaining expertise in Location Tracking Apps, Mobile POS Development, Mobile Apps for Retailers, Food Ordering Apps, and Order Management Apps. We provide innovative methods of engagement and system integration along with a full spectrum of enterprise mobile solutions. This allows us to drive multi-type industries and their associated businesses forward. 


More than anything, we are a family here at PowerGate – striving daily to serve our clients exactly what they ask for. With our talented engineers and programmers, we can be the push you need to bring your business to the next level.


We Save you Time

Creating the right app for your company isn’t an easy task. Though your organization may have engineers and programmers capable of doing it, wouldn’t it be smarter to let them continue working for whatever services you hired them for? We help avoid any disruptions in your flow of work, ensuring that you can leave all the worries of the app creation process to us!


Our Fortune 500 App Development Projects

At PowerGate, we don’t just build your everyday enterprise apps – we build enterprise applications to which Fortune 500 companies give recognition to. Our premium services are only a by-product of our extensive dedication to the craft. We do nothing but sleep, eat, and breathe mobile app development and it shows through our work.  At PowerGate, we believe that all great apps are made for problem-solving to make it easier for users. 


Enterprise App Development for Industry Leaders

Along with the success of our apps, our clientele tends to be just as notable as well. From renowned clients such as SEA, we deliver premium resources which are commendable among clients of all degrees of success. Due to this level of work, we often ensure that your app is as professional as any other globally renowned company, while reduces the risks of all mistakes through research and testing. Where in the words of Micheal Sinz, “Programming is like sex. One mistake and you have to support it for the rest of your life”, we hold each client just as valuable as each mistake is remembered by us.


Why do Fortune 500 companies need experienced app developers?

The advances of the modern age mean the present needs to be able to cope with these changes. In 2018, mobile traffic accounted for 50% of total website traffic, and the global revenue of these applications had hit $188.9 billion in the year 2020. 


On average, adults in the US spend approximately 3 hours a day on their smartphones, and around 90% of the time is spent using apps like these. The largest growth areas for businesses tend to be in e-commerce, music and media, and finance apps. It is because of these success stories that enterprise app development companies are valued the way they are. Fortune 500 are aware of these developments and the significant revenue produced by such startups and businesses, and hence value experienced app developers.


Our Enterprise App Development Methodology

We take a client’s idea and turn them into award-winning mobile applications. Through a rigorous process of research, user-testing, and support from our expert team, we are always able to deliver exactly what is promised and more. With our standout feature set, we can return investment and raise user retention rates on our guaranteed success. We ensure that the programs we use will always be as efficiently short as possible.


Where in the words of Bill Gate, “Measuring programming progress by lines of code is like measuring aircraft building progress by weight”, we strive for this excellence while making sure your “aircraft” is as light as possible.


When creating a project, we create a roadmap and highlight the defining features of the app ideation given to us. These features are what define the app and make it stand out so as encourage users to download it. Then through hours of testing, we hone upon these features, which will eventually be passed to our product managers for approval. This ensures that only the best of the best is delivered to our clients.


How Mobile App Development Can Help your Business?

Some of our clients are amongst the greatest and brightest minds of the 21st century, many of whom have created great mobile applications of their own. Yet Fortune 500 is seen resorting to PowerGate for their success. With our dedicated family of brilliant strategic ideologies, we can steer companies to great heights. Due to our abilities, we can help others embrace a truly innovative mobile experience.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is enterprise app development?

Enterprise App development is the process of creating mobile applications for business and industrial services.


  • How do I start my own app development company?

To start your own enterprise app development company, you will need experts who know software such as JavaScript, Python, and Node.JS. However, if you want to be successful, there is a lot more to learn in mobile app development, which also includes user satisfaction.


  • How much does it cost to hire a programmer to build an app?

Getting an entire app developed can be costly, and usually cost around $5,000 to $20,000 on average. Though this can be extremely costly, it is worth the cause due to the success an enterprise application brings.


  • What companies develop apps?

Practically any company can have an app developed for themselves. From banks to pharmaceutical companies, there is never truly any harm in having an enterprise app built for your business. Especially with the reach an online presence brings, many small businesses of all sorts come to us to have their brands shine amongst the competition.



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