An Australian Web Application Helps To Provide Jobs For Veterans

This web application holds a preeminent position as the digital offering for recruitment tailored specifically for veterans in Australia. Initially, the client approached PowerGate to develop a job search app exclusively for veterans. However, one significant challenge surfaced during the project: translating military ranks and skills into civilian equivalents. This concept remained underdeveloped when presented by the client, posing a considerable hurdle for the project team. Coupled with tight deadlines and limited resources, the team encountered difficulties in transforming these ideas into functional products that met the client’s expectations.

Limited IT resources on the client’s end further compounded the challenges, hindering their ability to promptly address issues during product development, including bug fixes and the development of crucial system features. Recognizing the need for intervention, PowerGate swiftly stepped in to support the project.

Within just three weeks, we completed the design phase comprehensively and seamlessly transitioned into the development phase. Our team crafted a web application tailored to the unique needs and experiences of veterans. This bespoke platform showcased signature features essential for recruitment platforms, including Job Posting, Applicant Tracking System (ATS), Candidate Database, and Candidate Sourcing.


March 14, 2024


Multi-tenant Web Application, NodeJS, React JS, Recruitment