A Powerful And Feature-Rich Comunity Platform For Auction Buyers In Iowa

Our client partnered up with PowerGate who could work side-by-side with them in brainstorming, planning, and implementing elegant solutions for the innovative features they dreamed up which is an online platform that unites auction sellers and buyers. The features implemented as a part of the new and improved version of the website, with an extensive database of auctions online and search using keywords, location, auctioneer, setting alert so they are notified when a particular auction may interest them.

The new system is easier to use with multiple search options and is viewable on any device; making it auction goers’ first choice. The most significant impact of releasing the web application is to reach over 9000 visitors in the first three months after launching.


March 11, 2019


AWS, Ecommerce & Retail, Rest API, Web Application Development