A Leading OKR Solution Mobile Application Acquired By Microsoft In The US 

We worked closely with our partner to produce a top-notch OKR software from scratch that keeps teams aligned, connected, and focused on the right outcomes, while giving leaders needed visibility into the work being done, whether in-person or remote. High-growth organizations of all sizes use it to align, track and measure goals and results. Users can define, share and then track their priorities online at any time on web and mobile devices. This helps users stay on track to meet their goals by identifying issues in real-time and notifying teams automatically. It also includes collaboration tools like Slack and Microsoft Team as well as data and human resource information system (HRIS) integrations. It allows users to seamlessly track and manage their performance using the tools they already use. The platform allows users both give and receive real-time feedback, as well as generate custom reports, helping enterprises to recognize professional achievements and understand individual or team performance. The end-clients that use this platform include Slack, Remitly, Ticketmaster, Urban Company, and others. Before being acquired by Microsoft, our client raised 76 million US dollars.


March 20, 2020


Cross Platform, Front-end Development, Mobile App Development, Rest API, Ruby on Rails

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