A Flexible Crypto Payroll System & HR Services For Remote Workforce In The US

Having identified a clear goal from our client, PowerGate proposed an agile development to create a solution for remote workers all over the United States looking for work and optimally receiving wages through a payroll payment service allowing users to be paid or pay wages (wages in bitcoin, local currency, and commodities).​ The innovative online tool included a number of functions that let businesses pay their employees with cryptocurrency, offer potentially cheaper international transaction fees for employees, and process transactions faster than traditional finance options.

With this product, from any part of the world, you can choose your preferred mix of Bitcoin, stablecoins, cryptocurrency, and local currencies. The most important result of the cooperation was to help the client raises $1.5M in 55 hours and now has reached a total funding amount of $3.1M over 5 rounds.


March 26, 2020


AWS, Front-end Development, React, Rest API, Web Application Development

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