Blog: The quality of the product is a life-or-death matter – This is what we chose

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Blog: The quality of the product is a life-or-death matter – This is what we chose

Approximately 34.900 firms, commercial enterprises have been shut down, or went bust due to the COVID-19, 10000 employees lost their job in Vietnam. WeFit which was a high potential start-up has been declared bankrupt.

The Covid-19 crisis has put commercial enterprises’ chance of survival to the test.

Without being different and unique and they would be replaceable or eliminated.

At PowerGate, we work for survival. This is due to the fact that the most indispensable core value is definitely “The quality of product is a life-or-death matter”.

When it comes to talking about the quality of service. First and foremost, we must create high-quality products and obtain great satisfaction from our clients.

One day by chance, when I was in search of emails sent by our clients. I was over the moon and proud of what they talked about PG (PowerGate for short):

“Just wanted to say that I really really appreciate all your hard work for us over the last few years. Your team is very hardworking and skilled in technology.”- (customer in the USA)

“I’m in charge of finding a partner to develop the platform; We developed together with the mobile app a couple of years ago. I had a very good impression of your Company. I think you have the skill and you are big enough to deal with such a project.”- (customer in Italy)

I beg your pardon to not translate them into Vietnamese simply because I wanted to keep them as they are. Because working with overseas customers, well unsurprisingly, English is not a major hurdle to us.         

It is crystal clear to say when we worked wholeheartedly, effectively and made a strong impression on our customers. As a result, they would possibly put their trust in us. New projects kept coming in.

In terms of the quality of service and the existence of PowerGate, I believe, there is no way individuals or small groups of people can make it happen. This can be attributed to the effort made by all of us. From programming experts to fully enthusiastic board of directors and their foresight, from the crystal clear and coherent processes to the back-office staff, who don’t take part in the process of making products but they make 100% sure that everything is kept running without having any severe problems. As we can see, the winning combination in the business between departments and the strongly positive attitude towards work will help our company succeed in surviving the challenge to our survival and overcoming the brutal and deadly crisis.

The COVID-19 pandemic which suddenly came up at the beginning of this year has put all commercial enterprises to the test. For many companies, the best way they chose to overcome the brutal and deadly pandemic was to stop operating and wait until the end of the pandemic. But it is different for us, we adapted to change and survive. It is crystal clear to say, new projects kept coming in. Although we had to work from home. Nevertheless, we committed to delivering on time with high-quality products deriving great satisfaction out of our clients.

I was wondering, the measurement of client satisfaction or job satisfaction is adequate to mean the world to us?

From my point of view as an accountant, I truly believe in actual results which are company revenue, profits, and growth index. Besides, the number of new recruits keep rising, revenue reports from all divisions remain stable.

If you considered our company a living body, you could say we are growing and being healthy in one way or another.

“Quality is the best business plan” (John Lasseter)”Quality is the best business plan ever but more importantly, the quality of the human resource is the key to success.

Commercial enterprises can be gone bust, but the human resource is the thing that matters at the end of the day. Furthermore, they are secret weapons for companies to be able to compete for survival. Because of that, we should invest in people, create a healthy working environment, and a clear career path. Making it a breeze for them to be able to have a prosperous life. It is truly a success! And of course, it goes without saying that this is the most sustainable for PowerGate’s survival.

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