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PowerGate designs and develops web enabled software covering all web-related business needs including web application development and modernization, customization of open-source solutions, ecommerce solutions, business apps, web services building, intranet/extranets development or system integration.

PowerGate uses structured framework programming, best programming practices, coding guidelines and standards. As the technology advances and the programming landscape changes to accommodate the world’s growing technological needs, PowerGate constantly evaluates the latest trends in the development community. We improve ourselves to provide our clients the best possible development solutions.


Proven Results

A Healthcare Application

This tool can ensure that your patients and covered entity are maximizing the benefits of the 340B Program to stretch scare resources as far as possible. And more? Ready to learn more? The 340B Drug Pricing Program enables hospitals, healthcare centers, clinics and other healthcare providers that serve a disproportionate share of low-income and vulnerable patients to fulfill their vital mission of providing care to all regardless of one’s ability to pay.


A Business Training Application

An online tool to get you thinking on your business, growing your profit by provoking questions from global thought leaders. This tool gets you focused on being accountable to improve in business and personally by thinking about these 12 key business success traits…


A Training Business Tool

An outstanding cloud-based Website & Mobile App that manages day to day running of your Personal Training business. It is trusted by Personal Trainers & Fitness Professionals in over 30 countries around the globe.


A Security System

Was your apartment ever robbed since you’ve been living there? Is it your own place or a rental? Did you take any special security measures when it happened? Do you think you could have done more to prevent it? We are going to provide you with some useful information on how to keep apartment burglars at bay, while letting you know why getting the app is an absolute must in this day and age.


A Marketplace Platform

This tool can get you into a car and driving in less than 24 hours. It is really that easy. Choose a car, book it, and you’re good to go! No contracts. No Sign Up fees. No waiting.


A Social Network

This tool will be a hub for moms and moms-to-be to find communities where they can socialize, share stories, plan events, buy or sell used items and get support. The group communities will be cataloged using our Matterisms (tags, system) as well as user profiles, allowing us to play matchmaker between them.


PowerGate Technology Competence in Web Development

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